Sons of the Forest: Release date & time, platforms, gameplay, trailers, more

sons of the forest

Sons of the Forest is a first-person game that’s catching the eye of gamers who enjoy survival horrors. Here’s everything you need to know about Sons of the Forest, including the release date, platforms, gameplay details, and more.

Sons of the Forest is an enticing first-person survival horror game that is regarded as one of 2023’s most anticipated releases thanks to the success of developer Endnight Game’s previous title, The Forest.

Thankfully, we now have a lot of information on Sons of the Forest, including gameplay details, release platforms, and its release date. So, for those interested in experiencing a “terrifying new open-world survival horror simulator,” here’s everything you need to know about Son’s of the Forest.

When will Sons of the Forest be released? Release date & time

Endnight Games‘ Sons of the Forest will release on February 23, 2023, at around 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT. Initial delays pushed the game back, but this should be the final launch date of the game. It’s also important to note that the game will release in early access, and it’s currently unclear when this period will be over.

If there are any more announcements, we’ll be sure to update this section with the latest release date details.

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Sons of the Forest platforms & price

Sons of the Forest will only be available on PC via Steam for $29.99 at launch, however, there is a chance that the game will be extended to other platforms such as PS5 and Xbox Series S/X in the future.

This is mainly because Endnight Game’s previous title, The Forest, was originally exclusively on PC, but eventually was released on PlayStation 4 years after its release. If Sons of the Forest is nearly as popular as its predecessor, perhaps the devs will extend its release to other platforms as well.

Is Sons of the Forest a sequel?

Sons of the Forest is Endnight Game’s spiritual successor to The Forest (2014), which was a huge success and continues to be a popular survival horror choice by gamers.

Despite being a sequel, the devs have confirmed that players do not need to have experienced The Forest to fully understand or enjoy Sons of the Forest, as its story is separate from the previous title.

Sons of the Forest plot & gameplay details

Cannibals are a major threat in Sons of the Forest.

The survival horror game Sons of the Forest is set on a remote island where the player is sent to find a “missing billionaire,” and they quickly discover that the island is occupied by cannibals and terrifying mutants.

The player will start the game in a helicopter crash, where they ultimately become the only survivor on this remote island. From there, you are left to explore, craft, and most importantly, survive in an open world filled with mystery and horrors.

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According to the dev’s Steam description, players are given “complete freedom to tackle the world how you want,” including how they would like to survive.

You must also hunt down animals to survive and fight against mutants and cannibals in order to protect your livelihood. Players will need to prepare for all four seasons, as Sons of the Forest will go through the harsh months of Winter and extreme heat of Summer.

Players won’t be alone on this journey, as not only can they recruit some friends for co-op multiplayer, but the game also offers players AI characters that can help with tasks such as harvesting materials.

Sons of the Forest trailers

While Endnight Games hasn’t revealed too much about Sons of the Forest ahead of release, there is a release date trailer players can watch.

Further, IGN was even lucky enough to experience the game, showcasing gameplay in their exclusive hands-on preview.

The latest trailer provides an insight into what the multiplayer experience will look like for Sons of the Forest.

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Image Credits: Endnight Games

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