Will Redfall be on Steam Deck?

redfall steck deck

Many are wondering if Redfall, developed by Bethesda and Arkane Software, will be available on the Steam Deck since the game will be exclusive to PC and Xbox systems.

Redfall is an exciting upcoming FPS game for 2023 that brings a story wrapped in mystery that players can enjoy in both multiplayer coop and single-player.

Since Bethesda was bought by Microsoft, many have wondered what platforms Redfall will be available on. It has now been confirmed as an Xbox and PC-exclusive title, so unfortunately those on other platforms won’t be able to join in on the vampire-slaying fun.

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Like any game available on PC, the question is always asked of whether or not the game will be on Steam Deck, so let’s get into the details.

redfall vampire with characters in the backgroundRedfall is Bethesda and Arkane’s new coop-tailored experience.

Will Redfall be playable on Steam Deck?

Unfortunately, we do not yet know if Redfall will be playable on Steam Deck, but its requirement of needing an online connection even when playing solo may prevent it from being worth playing on the portable device.

Until the devs at Arkane Software release some official information regarding Redfall‘s availability on Steam Deck, we do not yet know the answer.

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That said, players seem to find ways to make games that aren’t officially available for Steam Deck work on the device, so perhaps this will also be the case for Redfall. We’ll keep this piece updated as more information on the topic is revealed so stay tuned.

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Image Credits: Bethesda

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