All Armored Core 6 Decal Codes

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A Mech in Armored Core 6.

You can turn down the heat and enjoy other aspects of Armored Core 6 if you redeem these Decal Codes to customize your mech’s appearance.

Armored Core 6 can be pretty difficult at times, similar to other FromSoftware titles such as Elden Ring. However, if you’re interested in the cosmetic side of the game, customizing your mech is the way to go.

Decal Codes are a great way to unlock new appearances for your mech, so here’s every Armored Core 6 Decal Code.

A Mech battle in Armoed Core 6.
Mechs can be customized quite intricately in Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6: Every Decal Code for you to use

Armored Core 6 has tons of codes, many of which are Decal Codes. These decals are often inspired by characters from other popular games or franchises.

Check out the list below for the latest Armored Core 6 Decal Codes:

  • Bloodlust Diablos Monster Hunter: X4VD6BTPBTPM
  • Adepta Sororitas: KZ7N527SGT5J
  • Anti- Rain: K3PWUR56RH6V
  • Outer Heaven Metal Gear: HGR3W16CTWPV
  • Punisher: KU214VATVWNS
  • Cut the Rope Omnom: AGSM6301QMQ5
  • Trish DMC Logo: F24UM4W284MC
  • Raven: KDPAD12R65V0
  • The Witcher Logo: VQ3VWE59T4AK
  • Hellsing Logo: 9HYHD5DJZNBY
  • GFL 404 Logo: RKTVZK6Z75CQ
  • Kedama Korone: EX7GVTUVL5MY
  • Kirby: 91BGD9FB2SHJ
  • Barcode: KHTRCCBY0EXQ or 7730XH27JF0F
  • Jaeger #5: BN4ECATK7TFT or 5DQ5L546MCK2
  • Pokemon Pikachu: 9VL2WJ9L246Z
  • Rimaru: LNNY56CEB1K2
  • Autobot Logo: DGSDR3J0A814
  • Moonlight Greatsword: 600UZ85ERESH
  • Decepticon Insignia: CV0H73X1NLQ0
  • Caution Laser: K2G3UFDLKKJ0
  • Warning Keep: 5QZADS6V8EEA
  • Release Valve: EYF68JKZLYDT
  • High Voltage: R7MM0N86HAUS
  • Metal Gear: S4K5V94ND3VX
  • Nerv Logo: PSGE9DJRZKBB
  • Berserk: ETHV3PD95S09
  • Student Driver: XSGT36GP1CFT
  • Amuro Logo: P3C9T5G4H477
  • Arknights: ET8K8DNFS667
  • Ejection Seat: SSCNW3Z5LVYC
  • Caution: 72K39JZDNMGM
  • Gundam 00: NTQDCXWCB6FM (PS5)
  • Sieg Zeon: 0SG3EVER147H
  • The Laughing Man: 3564W5DC2HYN (Xbox)
  • Red Pill/ Blue Pill: ABABGB26CGPG (PS5)
  • Chess 619: 9L4QJBAMHFB1
  • JoJo Bizzare Adventure: UZC2SQYTVD19
  • Silly Toon: 20X47410MYDK (PS5)
  • The Pierce: JDP8JBB95ANT
  • Vigilo Confido X-Com: L0VSV2G3V2DL (Xbox)
  • Principality of Zeon: DB822CTYMZ8Z
  • Ammo Bay: 2R69QFEEXX0Q
  • Burning Eye: N2HNX3LBLNF7
  • 8 Ball Pin: CCRSQ7C730EC
  • Pixel Onigiri: GS6DSGVSYMBS
  • Praise the Sun: XCHW6AZZ3UV4
  • Doom: 768F6MHMVSNF

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