Best weapons in Hypercharge: Unboxed – Tier list

Aryan Singh
Action figure firing a weapon in Hypercharge: Unboxed

Hypercharge: Unboxed features a solid variety of weapons that can be found scattered throughout its many arenas, but only a few rank among the best. So, here are our picks for the best weapons in Hypercharge: Unboxed.

Weapons in Hypercharge: Unboxed come in all shapes and sizes. From the default Standard Issue to fiery Hotdogger, each weapon has something that makes it stand out from the other.

The best guns in the game can be picked up on different maps, and all of them pack quite the punch. On that note, here are our picks for the best weapons in Hypercharge: Unboxed.

Best Hypercharge: Unboxed weapons – tier list

Here’s every weapon in Hypercharge: Unboxed ranked from best to worst on our tier list:

SMr. Frosty, Gold Minigun, Eviscerator
APower Sniper, Beamer, Hotdogger, The Hammer, The Chef, Blaster
BCriticalibre, Bone Crusher, Sidewinder
CStandard Issue, Grub Gun

Hypercharge: Unboxed – Best Weapons

Our picks for the best weapons in Hypercharge: Unboxed are based on their effectiveness and fun factor. Check them out below:


The Beamer in Hypercharge: Unboxed
The Beamer runs out of ammo quickly but can also take down enemies at the same pace.

As the name suggests, the Beamer fires a solid laser beam at enemies. The beam doesn’t last long as the weapon only carries 20 rounds but it’s a guaranteed kill if you manage to focus your fire for a few seconds, especially at medium range. On controller, the Beamer gets strong auto-aim assist as the crosshair snaps onto enemies which makes the weapon easy to use and quite satisfying.

If you find one of these floating around the map, the Beamer is well worth picking up.

Power Sniper

The Power Sniper in Hypercharge: Unboxed is great for multiple reasons. For starters, it’s outfitted with a scope that lets you zoom in on enemies and pick them off from afar. It carries three shots per magazine but enemies can go down in two if your aim is precise enough.

To add to this, the weapon also comes with a small radar attached to its side. You can quickly glance at it to check the position of enemies around you and focus your attention accordingly. The Power Sniper also feels more satisfying to use when compared to its alternative, the Criticalibre. So, make sure to test it out for yourself when you spot it.


The Eviscerator works like a pulse cannon in Hypercharge: Unboxed. It fires a bolt of electricity that knocks back enemies on contact while causing plenty of damage. Charging up a single shot takes a little while but the sheer impact compensates for the slow rate of fire. If you manage to land two shots on an enemy, you’re guaranteed an elimination.

Gold Minigun

Gold Minigun in Hypercharge: Unboxed
The Gold Minigun has the fastest fire rate of any weapon.

A rapid fire rate, 200-round ammo capacity, and a gold skin added on top make the Gold Minigun one of the best weapons in Hypercharge: Unboxed. Visually, the weapon looks pretty special thanks to its gold-plated appearance, and using it feels just as good. The Gold Minigun melts through enemies quickly and there’s always enough left in the chamber to take down another action figure.

The weapon does have hefty recoil, which is why we recommend firing in short bursts to help focus your aim and save ammo. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find yourself looking for the minigun at every opportunity.

Mr. Frosty

Mr. Frosty in Hypercharge: Unboxed fires a swirling ray of ice which takes even longer than the Eviscerator to charge up. But the reward for your patience is a one-shot kill that reduces your enemies to small blocks of ice. The weapon only holds two rounds at a time, so missing can be fatal. However, Mr. Frosty feels both challenging and fun to use which makes it one of the best weapons in the game.

Those were our picks for the best weapons in Hypercharge: Unboxed. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out whether the devs are planning to introduce a Battle Royale mode and the secret behind it going viral online.