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Blue Archive is a prominent gacha game and it is no surprise that rerolling is a common practice among its players. If you haven’t unlocked your favorite characters yet, check out this guide on how to reroll in Blue Archive.

With over a million downloads, Blue Archive is one of the most popular mobile games out there. The anime-style title features an amazing story set in the city of Kivotos where you play as numerous female characters and unearth a ton of secrets.

Although Blue Archive has an intriguing story, it is equally important for players to summon characters through the in-game gacha system where you spend currency and get a random reward.

Considering that the story quests require you to have powerful characters, we understand the significance of rerolling for players. Here’s everything to know about rerolling in Blue Archive.

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What is rerolling in Blue Archive?

Rerolling in Blue Archive is basically resetting your account to get better characters. When you start playing the game and complete the tutorial, you get certain free rewards that can be used to summon characters.

In gacha games, free-to-play players often struggle to collect summoning currency. Just like Genshin Impact has Primogems, Blue Archive has Pyroxenes, and amassing it only through in-game content is undoubtedly a grind.

Hence, players treat their initial summons (that you get for free) very seriously and aim to get the best characters from them. If that doesn’t happen, it is expected for them to just reset the account, and summon again till they get the desired characters.

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Blue Archive rerolling guide

Follow these steps to reroll in Blue Archive:

  1. Download Blue Archive and launch it. Start the game with a guest account and avoid using Google, Facebook, or any other account type.
  2. Initiate the tutorial which will also take you to the summoning window. You’ll be able to do a 10x recruit chance that guarantees a three-star character for free.
  3. Complete the tutorial and claim the rewards for the same. You should also get some celebration rewards and server maintenance compensation with which you’ll have enough currency to do 40 pulls.
  4. Tap on the Recruit option. In this section, you’ll find three banners. Two banners will offer a boosted drop rate for certain characters and the standard banner will offer the same drop rate for every character.
  5. Based on your requirements, perform the summons.
  6. If you do not get what you wanted, reset the account and roll again.

To get the best start, check out our tier list of Blue Archive characters. If you’re able to get at least two S-tier units and a three-star character, rerolling might not be the best thing to do.

Gacha games aren’t really known for being too generous with such summons as this is a major source of income for them.

How to reset Blue Archive account

To reroll in Blue Archive, you’ll have to reset the account, and here’s how to do it.

  1. Launch Blue Archive and access the menu by tapping on the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap on Account. A menu should display account settings. Find and tap on Reset Account.
  3. Type Blue Archive and confirm.
  4. The game will automatically take you back to the initial login screen. Choose Guest Account and complete the tutorial again to get the free summons.

You can repeat these steps unless you get the characters you want. Don’t be over-ambitious and we recommend you stop rerolling if you get the likes of Iori and Hibiki.

Also, once you’re happy with the summons, make sure to bind your account by going to Menu (top-right corner) > Account > Link Account. Here, you can link your Guest Account with Facebook, Google, Apple, or Nexon ID. This way, you won’t lose progress after changing devices or platform.

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This was everything to know about rerolling in Blue Archive. For more content on mobile games, check out Dragon Ball Legends’ best teams, how to become a CEO in BitLife, and how to play Clash of Clans on PC.

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