All Bleach Era codes in April 2024: Free Boosts, Rerolls, more

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Bleach Era supports redeemable codes that can help you progress for free. So, here’s a list of Bleach Era codes for free Rerolls, Boosts, and more in April 2024.

Bleach Era is among the many anime-themed games on Roblox, such as Last Pirates, Demon Slayer War Tycoon, and Dragon Blox. If you don’t ant to grind for resources in this game, you can redeem codes that grant resources like Rerolls, Boosts, and more.

So, here’s a list of active Bleach Era codes as of April 2024.

Roblox Bleach Era Skulls
Bleach Era is based on the popular anime series Bleach.

Working Bleach Era Codes in April 2024

Here’s a list of working Bleach Era Codes:

  • RerollMask4 – Reroll Mask
  • RerollElement4 – Element Reroll
  • RerollRes4 – Res Reroll
  • RerollRes5 – Res Reroll
  • RerollRes6 – Res Reroll
  • RerollElement5 – Element Reroll
  • RerollElement6 – Element Reroll
  • RerollMask5 Reroll Mask
  • RerollMask6  Reroll Mask
  • DropBoost4 – Drop Boost
  • DropBoost5 – Drop Boost
  • DropBoost6 – Drop Boost
  • RerollColor4 – Reroll Color
  • RerollColor5 – Reroll Color
  • RerollColor6 – Reroll Color
  • RerollHollowApp4 – Reroll Hollow Appearance
  • RerollHollowApp5 – Reroll Hollow Appearance
  • RerollHollowApp6 – Reroll Hollow Appearance
  • RerollReiatsu4 – Reiatsu Reroll
  • RerollReiatsu5 – Reiatsu Reroll
  • RerollReiatsu6 – Reiatsu Reroll
  • FinallyUpdate – Element Reroll
  • ResetSkillPoints4 – Stat Point Reset
  • ResetSkillPoints5 – Stat Point Reset
  • ResetSkillPoints6 – Stat Point Reset

The boosts and points you get from the above-listed codes are random so you are rewarded different amounts each time you use a code.

Expired Bleach Era Codes in April 2024

Here’s a list of expired Bleach Era Codes:

  • skillpointreset
  • BleachEraMerch
  • alpha6k
  • RerollHollowApp3
  • 33klikes
  • RerollColor2
  • RerollReiatsu1
  • ExpBoost2
  • ExpBoost4
  • RerollReiatsu2
  • 25kfaves
  • RerollElement3
  • 15klikes
  • RerollColor3
  • 20klikes
  • bleachera2soon
  • DropBoost2
  • 50faves
  • ResetSkillPoints1
  • 7klikes
  • FreeResReroll
  • 2mvisits
  • RerollRes1
  • RerollElement2
  • FreeElementReroll
  • DropBoost1
  • ExpBoost3
  • RerollHollowApp1
  • RerollRes2
  • ResetSkillPoints3
  • 3mvisits
  • ExpBoost1
  • RerollColor1
  • ResetSkillPoints2
  • RerollHollowApp2
  • 6.9mvisits
  • TeamBleachEra
  • happy2022
  • RerollReiatsu3
  • followomikage
  • followmoyuto
  • DropBoost3
  • RerollRes3
  • 45kfaves
  • RerollElement1

How to redeem Bleach Era Codes

To redeem a working code from the list above in Bleach Era, you can follow these simple steps which involve accessing the in-game Twitter icon:

  1. Open Bleach Era on Roblox on a Mobile or a PC device.
  2. Click the Twitter icon and Enter Code Here box on the left-hand side of your screen.
  3. Enter a code from the list above and hit Redeem.
  4. And you’re done! You can now use your rewards in-game.

Make sure to enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above as they are case-sensitive.

What are Bleach Era codes?

Bleach Era codes are redeemable codes that you can use to get freebies like Rerolls, Boosts, and more. You can use these rewards to respec your character and upgrade your weapons or abilities, saving you a lot of time.

Why are my Bleach Era codes not working?

A common reason for your Bleach Era codes not working could be expired codes. Other reasons include capitalization errors and typos. We recommend copy-pasting the codes from our list above to avoid errors, or double-checking them before they’re typed in.

How to get more Bleach Era codes

You can get more Bleach Era codes by joining the game’s Discord server, following the developer’s X account, or subscribing to the Moyoto YouTube channel. Alternatively, you can bookmark this page, as we’ll be updating it whenever new codes arrive.

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