How to recruit Survivors in Nightingale: NPC companion explained

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Nightingale Survivor carrying wood

In Nightingale, Survivors can help you in exploring the Realm, as well as in beating enemies and carrying resources to your base. Check out how to recruit Survivors in Nightingale and how to remove them from the party.

Being a Realmwalker in Nightingale means being attentive to all kinds of dangers, as well as knowing how Realm Cards or Estate Cairns work. Exploring the different Realms presented in Nightingale is a substantial task, but sometimes this cannot be accomplished alone.

In open-world games where exploration plays a significant role, it is always important to have a good companion who not only helps you beat enemies but also lends a hand in carrying objects back to your base.

If you want to recruit Survivors in Nightingale, you must do this.

How to recruit Survivor companion in Nightingale

If you want to recruit a Survivor as your companion in Nightingale, you must speak with them and wait until they give you an objective that you need to complete.

Once you finish this task, the Survivor will join you, accompanying you on your explorations of the Realm, and you can take full control of their inventory. This means you can take whatever you want and give them what you consider appropriate.

Nightingale character carrying items
Survivors in Nightingale can help you carry resources to your base.

However, it’s worth noting that objectives vary depending on the NPCs. So, they are unlikely to give you two identical tasks when recruiting Survivors in Nightingale.

Finally, if you want to remove the Survivor from the party, you must speak with them again and that will make the NPC no longer follow you.

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