How to get Kukajin’s Sword in Lords of the Fallen

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Lords of the Fallen grants you a boatload of options to experiment with your builds and target each stat to focus them on. If you are going for an Agility build, Kukajin’s Sword is ideal early in the game, so here’s how to get it in LOTF.

Lords of the Fallen is regarded as one of the best soulslikes of 2023. The devs have been quite active in fixing several issues in the game since its release on October 13, and a new content plan for the future has already been shared by them.

You can make a large number of builds targeting various stats in the game, and Agility builds are some of the most used among them. Agility builds allow you to use fast attacks and inflict devastating status effects, even on bosses with suitable weapons.

Kukajin’s Sword is one of the best Agility weapons in the game, so here’s how to get it in Lords of the Fallen.

How to get Kukajin’s Sword early in Lords of the Fallen

You will have to travel to the Forsaken Fen and kill the Petrified Girl to get Kukajin’s Sword in Lords of the Fallen. You will get to this location just after defeating the Congregator of Flesh boss, and reaching the Vestige of Valade in Forsaken Fen.

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Keep going straight from the Vestige and follow the path by moving along the ramp on the right. You will reach an area full of water, with a large tree in the distance. Keep in mind that getting on top of the tree and moving ahead will help you unlock the door right beside the Vestige in Lords of the Fallen.

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You will have to kill the Petrified Girl to get the sword on the spot.

However, to get the sword, go straight ahead from the tree and take a sharp left to find a hidden area behind some breakable wood and a Vestige Seed bed right in front of it. You will find the Petrified Girl who will ask for your help to heal her. Although this might reach a moral barrier for many players, you will have to kill her to get the sword.

Hit her a few times and the statue will break, giving you Kukajin’s Sword as a drop in Lords of the Fallen. Alternatively, you can help her by healing her with a simple spell and going through her questline once she moves to Skyrest Bridge. You will get an achievement and an amulet in the end.

Kukajin’s Sword stats in Lords of the Fallen

Base Kukajin’s Sword has the following stats in Lords of the Fallen:

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  • Attack Power: 69 (Physical)
  • Status Effect: 60 Bleed
  • Scaling: Strength E and Agility C-
  • Requirements: Strength 8 and Agility 12

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