Best Roblox horror games: It Lurks, Poppy Playtime & more

Udit Surve
Nanny, Murder Mystery 2 and Survive the Killer thumbnail collage.

Roblox is usually known for its bright and colorful games, but it also offers a wide range of spooky horror games for players to delve into this Halloween season. If you’re on the hunt for a chilling adventure, alone or with friends, here are the best horror games on Roblox.

Roblox is a diverse gaming platform, offering players a variety of games covering various genres such as action, open world, FPS, and more. It hosts thrilling anime games such as Anime Fighters Simulator and Blox Fruits, as well as more laid-back games like Adopt Me and Brookhaven RP, ensuring there’s something for every player’s taste.

However, if you’re tired of playing these colorful games and want something dark with a good scare, you are in luck because Roblox has a good roster of horror games you can play this Halloween season.

On that note, here are the best horror games on Roblox.

Best horror games on Roblox

From games that lead you to explore some genuinely creepy houses, to the most frightening maze you’ll ever encounter, and a classic murder mystery, here are the 10 scary Roblox horror games that will surely scare your wits out this Halloween season.

Dead Silence

Roblox Dead Silence thumbnail featuring a ghost.
Roblox Dead Silence features a great sound design and is highly immersive.

Inspired by the horror movie of the same name, Dead Silence on Roblox is a well-liked scary game and it’s easy to understand its appeal. Players are tasked with solving the mystery of Mary Shaw, a ventriloquist who was killed and now haunts the town.

What sets this Roblox game apart is its top-notch sound and level design. Just walking down a dimly lit hallway in the game can give you chills.

It Lurks

A room in Roblox It Lurks.
Roblox It Lurks is a strong narrative story that is told through multiple chapters.

It Lurks on Roblox is a solo horror game that places players in frightening situations like a break-in. The game unfolds over several chapters, where you must stay hidden and survive while being chased around the house by an unidentified being, all while a spine-chilling story gradually reveals itself.

The Maze

A Caravan in Roblox The Maze.
The Maze can be played with up to twelve people.

If the thought of being dropped into a vast underground labyrinth armed with only a flashlight and a camera excites you, then The Maze Roblox might be your cup of tea. This isn’t your typical maze; it’s beneath the earth’s surface.

This setting not only thoroughly confuses the player, but also heightens the fear factor when your flashlight inevitably runs out of power. To add to the terror, this labyrinth is home to a variety of crazy creatures.

Cheese Escape

The cheese maze in Cheese Escape.
Roblox Cheese Escape is full of scary and effective jumpscares.

Cheese Escape on Roblox is a thrilling game in which you’ll find yourself in a labyrinth made entirely of cheese. Your objective is to evade a huge rat by swiftly navigating through the maze to locate the exit. But be warned, there are a few jump scares and potentially unsettling moments waiting for you along the way. So, you’ll need to be quick on your feet to succeed in this game.

Breaking Point

A tipped chair and a gun on the ground in Roblox Breaking Point.
Breaking Point is one of the most popular Roblox horror games.

One of the most played horror games on Roblox, Breaking Point provides a spine-chilling and exciting experience. The game randomly selects players who are then given the mission of eliminating other players. This cycle continues until only two players remain.

The final two survivors are then pitted against each other in a duel, armed only with knives. The last player standing is declared the winner of the game.


One of the many monsters in Apeirophobia.
Apeirophobia can be quite unsettling.

With over 264 million visits, Roblox Apeirophobia puts you in a seemingly endless maze of crepy rooms and hallways. You need to figure out how to “escape” this reality while surviving vicious monsters that stalk or chase you.

If you want to survive in this game you’ll need to be cautious and sharp. While Apeirophobia might not have as many jumpscares as other games on our list, it’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Survive The Killer

Roblox Survive The Killer thumbnail featuring the killer and players.
Roblox Survive The Killer is a great experience with friends.

If you enjoy playing Breaking Point, then Survive The Killer is another one of the scariest Roblox games that you should definitely try out. The premise is quite similar — a killer is selected and you, along with your teammates, must escape and avoid being killed.

However, Unlike Breaking Point, in Survive The Killer, each player gets a chance to play the role of the killer in every round.


Roblox DOORS thumbnail with the game's logo to the right and an ajar door to the left.
Doors on Roblox features engaging puzzles that players have to solve to progress.

If you are looking for a puzzle game with thrilling and scary moments then Roblox Doors is for you. It’s a game of trial and error where each death teaches you something new, helping you survive longer. It offers a fresh perspective on the horror genre, and the best way to enjoy it is to dive in without any prior knowledge of what each door holds.


A monster from Roblox's Geisha.
Geisha has multiple enemy types.

The Geisha is a Roblox game inspired by Japanese folklore, where you must find your way around a forest where your family got lost as you steer clear of the multiple Yokai that are lurking at every turn. The objective of this frightening game is straightforward: Locate your family to get out. However, achieving this is far from easy.

The Mimic

A villain screaming in Roblox The Mimic.
The Mimic on ROBLOX is an immersive horror game that can be played with up to ten people.

One of the most frightening games on this list, The Mimic on Roblox, continually draws in the community with its spine-chilling game design. With 4 chapters of updates to navigate either solo or with friends, it takes you back to your high school days as you plunge into a world filled with horror, on a mission to find your lost friends.

The Mimic allows up to 10 players at a time, and with its eerie sound effects, lighting, and sudden scares, this truly spooky world will have you reaching for comfort in no time.

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