How to enter Testing Grounds in Atomic Heart

Nathan Warby
Atomic Heart players looking at Testing Ground chamber

Atomic Heart is packed full of side objectives, and Testing Ground chambers are some of the toughest. Even getting inside can prove difficult at first, so here’s how to access Testing Ground chambers in Atomic Heart.

The open world of Atomic Heart is full of activities for players to discover, from story missions that progress the main narrative to side objectives to earn powerful new weapons.

Among these optional distractions are Polygon Testing Ground chambers, some of the most challenging areas in Atomic Heart. While these are dangled in front of players early on, the game never explicitly explains how to open them.

With this in mind, here’s how to access Testing Ground chambers in Atomic Heart.

What are Testing Grounds in Atomic Heart?

Testing Grounds are optional areas designed to put all of the skills you’ve learned in Atomic Heart to the test. Each chamber contains powerful enemies or tricky puzzles for you to solve, which will require you to make use of the Polyer Glove’s full range of abilities.

Completing one of these Testing Grounds will grant valuable resources, including weapon upgrades to help you on your journey.

Atomic Heart player using ShotgunTesting Grounds are some of the most challenging areas in Atomic Heart.

How to enter Testing Grounds in Atomic Heart

In order to open Testing Grounds in Atomic Heart, you’ll need to find a surveillance system to gain control of a security camera, which can then be used to unlock the door.

These surveillance systems are tall, white machines that are usually found nearby and can be accessed by elevator. Each Testing Ground is marked on your map by a large circle, so you’ll have a clear idea of the area to search.

Once you find one, interact to gain control of all the security cameras in the area. Cycle through to find the camera closest to the Testing Ground entrance, and press the interact button to open the door.

We’ve included a step-by-step guide below:

  1. Head to an area labeled ‘Testing Ground’ on the map.
  2. Locate a surveillance system inside the circle – these are tall, thin, white machines.
  3. Interact with the system to gain control of the security cameras.
  4. Check each camera to find one pointing at the Testing Ground chamber door.
  5. Press the interact button to unlock the Atomic Heart Testing Ground.

Once you’ve opened the Testing Ground you are free to go inside whenever you want to tackle the horrors within. But be warned, these mini-challenges aren’t for the fainthearted.

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