How to save your game in Atomic Heart

Hamza Khalid
Save point in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart throws you into intense battles with killer robots, and if you’re wondering how to save your game so that you can resume from where you left off then we’ve got you covered.

Players can finally hop into the vast open world of Atomic Heart and check out all the fun content that’s in Mundfish’s FPS title, including powerful weapons that you can use to take down killer robots.

Since the game will pit you against extremely challenging robot opponents, it would be wise to save your progress as often as you can. We’ll go over exactly how you can get this done in Atomic Heart.

How to save your game in Atomic Heart

You can save your game in Atomic Heart by heading to the Breakrooms that are located across the map. Once you enter one, you’ll need to interact with a red telephone to save your progress.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make your way to one of the Breakrooms in Atomic Heart.
  2. Enter the safe room.
  3. Approach the red telephone.
  4. Press the interact button to save the game.
Breakrooms are the safe areas in Atomic Heart.

These red telephones are located in the middle of any safe room that you visit. These locations also have free loot for you to collect in a nearby chest and a computer that you upgrade your equipment.

The good news is that Atomic Heart also features auto-save functionality, so your progress will be saved as you explore the game’s open world. The auto-save feature also kicks in before and after major story events.

However, we still recommend manually saving as often as you can, as it’s the safest way to ensure that all of your progress is preserved for the next time you hop into the world of Atomic Heart.

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Image credit: Mundfish

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