How to earn money fast in Payday 3: Best heists for quick cash

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Payday 3 is here and players can live a life of crime with their companions and earn a ton of money as they accomplish missions. To get better weapons and cosmetics in the game, it is necessary that you are stocked up on cash, so here’s how to make money fast in Payday 3.

In Payday 3, money rules everything. It is the prime reason behind your life of crime and your true motivation. You will need to earn a lot of cash to survive as you need better gear to make it in such a world. Otherwise, you will be forced to use fodder weapons throughout the game.

Heists are the best way to earn money in Payday 3, but some of them are better than others. Although you will have to progress in your playthrough before attempting them, the loot is exceptionally good in these heists.

Here are the best heists to make money fast in Payday 3.

Best Payday 3 heists to get money fast

The best heists in Payday 3 to earn money fast are Road Rage and Gold & Sharke. As mentioned earlier, you will have to progress quite a bit before attempting the heists as these are high-paying missions. Ready your weapons as we are in for a ton of money!

Road Rage

Payday 3 Road Rage
Road Rage is a short and concise heist for some quick cash.

Road Rage is a typical heist mission in Payday 3 where you will just have to loot cash and a few electrical components from the back of a truck. This is one of the shortest heist missions in the game and will be great if you are in for some quick cash. Plus it is loud-only, so do not worry about stealth.

The rewards are what make this heist attractive as you get as much as $850,000 from this heist alone, depending on your difficulty. Although there are many other missions with similar or better rewards, its fairly short duration is what makes this an easy pick.

Gold & Sharke

Payday 3 Gold & Sharke
Gold & Sharke might not be short, but is one of the highest-paying heists.

Gold & Sharke in Payday 3 lacks the privilege of being short. However, it has a much bigger payout compared to Road Rage sitting at around $1,300,000 on Overkill difficulty. Gold & Sharke is a bank robbery where you will have to steal money from a bank in New York.

If you are ready to spend 30-40 minutes on a heist to earn such a large sum of money, Gold & Sharke is the ideal mission for you.

This was everything you had to know regarding how to make money fast in Payday 3 with the best heists.

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