How to change race length in F1 24

Amitesh Dhar
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Race length in F1 24 is one of the many parameters that you can change, irrespective of the mode that you’re playing in. So, here’s how you can modify the length of races in F1 24.

Race length determines the number of laps that you need to complete during a race in F1 24. Not only does this affect the total time required to complete a race, but it will also affect your strategy over the course of the race on different tracks, including pit stops and the tire compounds you use during qualifying runs and feature races.

So, how do you change the race length in F1 24? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to modify race length in F1 24

In F1 24, you can change the race length from the Setup screen after you’ve selected the race mode. However, it’s worth noting that you can only change the race length before the weekend begins.

Once the weekend starts, you will have to complete it with the settings you’ve selected, and you will only be able to change them before the start of a new weekend in F1 24.

That said, here’s how you can modify the race length in the game:

  1. Head to the mode you want to race in and navigate to the Setup screen.
  2. Once you’re there, locate the option called “Weekend Structure.”
  3. Under this setting, you’ll have the option to modify the session length. You can also toggle practice runs and sprint races from this menu.
Weekend structure menu F1 24
Race length customization options can be found under the weekend structure.

Here are the different race lengths that you will come across in F1 24:

  • Very Short (5 laps)
  • Short (25% of actual race length)
  • Medium (35% of actual race length)
  • Long (50% of actual race length)
  • Full (100% of actual race length)

This is how you can change race length in F1 24, irrespective of the mode that you’re playing. When playing Career Mode or My Team, you can tweak the race length from the “Go to Next Session” screen as well.

That sums up everything that you need to know about changing the race length in F1 24. Apart from the best controller settings, be sure to check out the best settings for your car on the Bahrain and Monaco circuits in F1 24.