How to become a veterinarian in BitLife

Aakrit Sharma
How to become a veterinarian in BitLife

Animal lovers in the BitLife community can certainly find joy in becoming a veterinarian. From what subjects to take in school and college to salaries, this BitLife guide will teach you everything about becoming a veterinarian in the game.

The amount of freedom BitLife gives you while living your virtual life has been appreciated heavily by its community. From a CEO to a pilot to a famous movie star, you can be anything in this simulation game.

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Having said that, not everyone wants to be a billionaire in BitLife. Many players take up jobs based on their passion and a job that is perfect for animal lovers is a veterinarian. You take care of dogs and cats and ensure their well-being.

Here’s how you can become a veterinarian in BitLife.

BitLife art work featuring character and animalsYou can become famous in BitLife by becoming an actor, model, or singer.

Steps to become a veterinarian in BitLife

Follow these instructions carefully and you’ll definitely become a veterinarian in BitLife:

  1. When starting your life in BitLife, try getting a character with the highest Smarts stat. Other stats like Looks don’t matter.
  2. Age up and go to school. Make sure to Study Harder every year.
  3. Go to Activities > Mind and Body constantly and check if the Library is available. Whenever you get the time, visit the Library and try to read books.
  4. While in school, take part in co-curricular activities. Preferably, you should take part in the ones that boost your intellect like Chess Club, Debate Clubs, and Student Council.
  5. Finish school and enroll in college. Take up Chemistry or Biology as your major and if you’ve been good in school, you can also get a scholarship. If the desired subjects don’t show up, age up once or restart the game.
  6. Just like school, your focus in college should be on studying hard and taking part in co-curricular activities.
  7. Finish college. Then, select Seek Higher Education and apply for Veterinary School. At this point, studying hard or activities won’t be important and your goal should be to finish Veterinary School quickly.
  8. After graduating with a degree from Veterinary School, go to Jobs and search for a Jr. Veterinarian job and apply for it. If the option doesn’t show up, age up once or restart the game.
Veterinarian jobs in BitLifeDoing your job faithfully in BitLife often leads to quick promotions and salary bumps.

Thereafter, it’s all about doing your Jr. Veterinarian job seriously, and eventually, you’ll be promoted to Veterinarian and Sr. Veterinarian. After being in the top position for some years, you’ll also get an achievement.

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This was everything to know about becoming a vet in BitLife. For similar content on hit mobile games, check out what a Prenup does in BitLife, the best Genshin Impact characters, top undefeated decks in Clash Royale, and a detailed guide on DogLife.

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