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What is a Prenup in Bitlife and what do they do?

About to get married in BitLife? Check out this guide on the purpose of a Prenup and save your in-game wealth and other assets.



A prenup in BitLife

Getting a Prenup in BitLife is important to secure your assets and wealth after marriage. Here’s what a Prenup does in BitLife and how you can get it.

BitLife never fails to surprise players with its unique features that accurately replicate real life. Be it school, college, or marriage, all your actions have direct consequences which is why it is always recommended to prepare for the worst.

Considering that you can rob a train and escape prisons in BitLife, it is no surprise that the game also allows players to marry and have a family. Interestingly enough, there’s a feature that lets you secure your wealth and assets before marrying someone and it’s called Prenup.

With this guide, you’ll learn everything about Prenups in BitLife.

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What is a Prenup in BitLife?

A Prenup, a.k.a. prenuptial agreement, is an agreement in BitLife claiming that you have exclusive ownership of all your assets accumulated before marriage. Hence, in case you and your partner part ways in the future, you won’t have to share your wealth with them.

A Prenup in BitLife also states that everything you earn after getting married is shared between you and your spouse. Following a divorce, only these resources can be shared between the two.

How to get a Prenup in BitLife

You can get a Prenup in BitLife during your engagement. The game itself will display a pop-up that asks you to get a Prenup signed by your partner. You can also bring the option manually but do note that forcing your spouse to sign the document can enrage them to a level that they call off the wedding.

Why should you get a Prenup in BitLife?

A Prenup is recommended for BitLife players who boast a lot of in-game assets and do not want to lose them at any cost. Of course, the Prenup is only useful if you go through a divorce and it can be avoided by maintaining a happy relationship with your partner.

However, just like life, BitLife can get quite unpredictable and it is better to be safe than sorry.

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Well, this was everything to know about getting a Prenup in BitLife. For more content on the life simulation game, check out our guides to becoming a CEO and a veterinarian, and what is a corporate job in BitLife?

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