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Achievements related to being a millionaire/billionaire in BitLife

It is no surprise that money is one of the most essential resources in BitLife. Although there are many jobs that can help you sustain yourself, only a few are good enough to provide billions of dollars. Here’s how you can become a billionaire in BitLife.

While you only live once in reality, BitLife allows you to be a singer, CEO, model, actor, and billionaire simultaneously. You can choose a country and start a new life with randomized stats. Thereafter, you make every important decision related to your family, education, profession, health, and other things.

One of the most sought-after goals among BitLife players is to become a billionaire. Although it is not that easy, you can achieve billionaire status after years (in-game) of planning and consistency.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to become a billionaire in BitLife.

Actors and celebrities in BitLife

How to be a billionaire in BitLife

To become a billionaire in BitLife, you have to start a new life in Monaco because the country doesn’t have taxes and your character must have good Looks and Smarts. These attributes are really essential and you should re-roll unless you get both.

Re-rolling is basically starting a new life until you get the desired character, and it is common in games such as Blue Archive and Genshin Impact as well.

Once you have a character with decent Looks and Smarts, follow these steps to become a billionaire:

  1. Age up till eight and enroll for Acting Classes through the Mind and Body tab under Activities. Finish high school after you max out your Acting Skills.
  2. Find a Talent Agent from the Actor tab under Special Careers. Use them to apply for auditions and you should get some roles if your Acting Skills are high enough.
  3. Keep on taking bigger roles and become a TV/Movie Actor. This should increase your Fame. Once the Fame bar is available, start posting on YouTube and Instagram as they are the most prominent social media platforms in BitLife.
  4. After gaining 100,000 followers, get verified on Instagram and monetize your YouTube channel. Both these activities will allow you to start doing promotions that can grant as much as 1 million dollars for one post.
  5. As a TV/Movie Actor, you can also feature in commercials that can pay over 3 million for a single shoot.
  6. Once you have over 35 million dollars in the bank, purchase a bunch of properties.
  7. Continue your life as an actor. Keep doing commercials and promotions to make millions and invest in properties.
  8. Make sure to go to the gym regularly and maintain a healthy diet. Your Health should be maxed out at all times so that your character lives a long life (at least above the age of 100).

The price of the properties that you purchase as an actor will increase significantly as you age up and after you’re 100, their total value will most likely reach 1 billion dollars.

A property worth billions in BitLife

Long story short, become an Actor because it’s the highest-paying profession in BitLife. Then, work hard to earn millions of dollars and hit the gym constantly to live a long life. Lastly, invest your money in properties and wait for their price to blow up.

The quickest way to become a billionaire in BitLife

If you want to instantly become a billionaire in BitLife, set your country to Monaco and keep re-rolling until you are born as a member of the royal family. Such characters are expected to have over 50 million dollars at birth and they become billionaires easily by inheriting the wealth of their parents when they die.

An actor performing on stage

This was everything to know about becoming a billionaire in BitLife. For similar guides on the game, check out how to rob a train.

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