How long to beat Chained Together? Fastest speedrun records

Aakrit Sharma
Players hanging by a wall in Chained Together

You can beat Chained Together by reaching the Summit and finally escaping hell. The game allows you to do this solo or with a group of friends and the latter is certainly tougher but also entertaining.

If you want to know how much of a time-sink the viral co-op title will be for you and your friends, check out how long it takes to beat Chained Together and some of the fastest speedrun records set so far.

How long is Chained Together?

Monster in Chained Together
Chained Together supports local co-op too.

So far, streamers have reported completion times ranging from 3 to 8 hours. Chained Together’s length is largely based on you and your team’s ability to coordinate and climb up the unusual surfaces of hell. Of course, the difficulty level as well as the setting to keep the chains Opened or Locked also play a huge role in determining these numbers.

So, with a well coordinated squad, you can aim to complete Chained Together in between 3-5 hours. Reaching the Summit in Lava mode will naturally be quicker because you’ll always have to be above the lava but the mode gives no room for making errors.

Chained Together Summit height

You can access the Summit, which is the end point in Chained Together, over 3600m. Your character’s current height in hell is displayed in the top left corner of the screen, so make sure to track your progress more efficiently by following it closely.

Fastest speedrun times

No Wings

User Ynkzz holds the record for the fastest time to beat Chained Together with 58 minutes and 30 seconds, according to data registered on,. They’ve streamed the entire run on Twitch and were able to achieve the record time while playing Solo.

Here’s a list of the top five fastest speedrun times for Chained Together so far:

Player Record timeMode
Ynkzzz58 minutes and 30 secondsSolo
Suitchi 758 minutes and 37 secondsSolo
zachderize59 minutes and 28 secondsSolo
Zerek_59 minutes and 54 secondsSolo
Knon_TTV1 hour and 9 secondsSolo

In the No Wings category, your score is submitted to the in-game leaderboard and it is far more popular in the community for now. There are ten wings hidden around the surfaces you climb and they can be activated in the lobby before you initiate a run.


User KarmalsBack beat Chained Together in 20 minutes 14 seconds, which is the fastest time in the Wings mode. With Wings activated, you can glide to quickly cover distances, which explains why your score isn’t submitted to the leaderboard.

Other players with high scores include:

Player Record timeMode
KarmalsBack20 minutes and 14 secondsSolo and Open Chain
DeadZach4422 minutes and 1 secondSolo
Kronick23 minutes and 13 secondsSolo

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