All Chained Together Wings locations & how to activate them

Aakrit Sharma
Castle in Chained Together

Wings in Chained Together can have a huge impact on your gameplay as they boost movement speed and help in recovering from falls. Players with the fastest speedrun records in the game have heavily relied on the mechanic, and you can match their times too by collecting Wings.

Picking up these items also unlocks an achievement, so here’s a list of all the Wings in Chained Together and how to activate them.

All Wings locations and height

Wing 1 – 0 meter

Wing in Chained Together at 0 meters
Chained Together can be played solo or with friends.

You can get this Wing right after starting your journey and it is located beside a burning torch.

Wing 2 – 511 meters

Wing in Chained Together below chandelier

As you reach 500 meters, enter the castle and stop climbing when you hit the floor at 510 meters. Look for the chandeliers and the Wing is between the torches underneath them.

Wing 3 – 673 meters

Wing in Chained Together in front of pipe network

The third Wing is hidden among the pipe network. Look for the platform with the vending machine and chairs and jump straight ahead to find the Wing near the wall.

Wing 4 – 1220 meters

Wing in Chained Together inside the building maze
Collecting Wings isn’t compulsory to reach the Summit in Chained Together.

This one’s a bit tricky to find. Climb the platforms and enter the grey building with white graffiti outside. Go through the maze and take the second left. Take the first left now to enter another maze-like way. Turn left when you see the wall with the black graffiti to find the Wing.

Wing 5 – 1394 meters

Wing in Chained Together at the top of the terrace

At 1390 meters, you’ll stumble upon circular platforms with powerful fans. Jump on the first platform and place yourself in a manner that the fan’s current throws you on the top of the building in the front. From the terrace, jump over the wall with the graffiti on the right and the Wing should be placed near the door.

Wing 6 – 1684 meters

Wing in Chained Together near rotating blades

Climb the platforms above the cranes and jump over the platforms as well as the rotating blades to find the sixth Wing at the pile of boxes on the right.

Wing 7 – 2166 meters

Wing in Chained Together inside cave

Interestingly, to get the seventh Wing in Chained Together, you’ll have to go down the stairs at 2180 meters. Take a right and then an immediate left to reach the wooden bridge. Cross it, and take another left. Pass the rotating blades and you should be able to see the Wing on the right.

Wing 8 – 2523 meters

Wing in Chained Together at the back of wooden house.

Climb the roofs and on the height mentioned above, you should get to a wooden platform. Go around the platform to find the eight Wing at the back of the house.

Wing 9 – 3132 meters

Wing in Chained Together above empty bridge
Falling down in Chained Together usually means you have to start over unless it’s the Beginner mode.

To find the ninth Wing, pass the empty bridge structure at 3117 meters and climb the ladder. Bounce off from the first platform on the right and land on the platform with the Wing.

Wing 10 – 3313 meters

Wing in Chained Together at the end of the alley.

The final Wing in Chained Together is in the courtyard. Cross the alley and swim through the stream to find the tenth Wing at the edge of the garden on the right.

How to activate Wings

Option to activate Wings in Chained Together

You can activate Wings in Chained Together before jumping into a climbing session. Once you’ve collected them, head to the main menu and click on Play. Here, you’ll get the option to Use Wings or not.

What are wings in Chained Together?

Wings in Chained Together have the following effects on gameplay:

  • You can glide more after falling to recover better and cover more distance by jumping across surfaces.
  • Your score won’t be added to the in-game leaderboard.

Wings definitely make your life easier in Chained Together and might even make things more chaotic if you try them out with friends. To do the latter, though, you must know how to create a lobby and invite friends.

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