All Amakumo Fruit locations in Genshin Impact

Aakrit Sharma
Raiden Shogun and Amakumo Fruit in Genshin Impact

Amakumo Fruit in Genshin Impact is a local specialty of Inazuma and is also an ascension material for Raiden Shogun. With this guide, you’ll learn about all Amakumo Fruit locations in Genshin Impact and the most efficient way to collect them.

Genshin Impact characters do not hold much value if you just unlock them. From artifacts to weapons, many factors make a character powerful. Moreover, to unlock their passive talents and improve their stats, you must ascend them.

The Electro Archon in Genshin Impact, Raiden Shogun, is no exception. The five-star Electro Polearm user requires Amakumo Fruit for ascension and once you build her properly, she can be your team’s battery and burst DPS.

In this guide, we’ll reveal all Amakumo Fruit locations in Genshin Impact that should help you unleash the true potential of Raiden Shogun.

Where to find Amakumo Fruits in Genshin Impact?

Amakumo Fruit in Genshin Impact is exclusively found on Seirai Island. It has a mountain called Amakumo Peak and you can find these glowing pink fruits growing all around it. The mini-islands around the peak also have some Amakumo Fruits that you can farm.

For detailed locations, you can check out the images below:

Koseki Village and Fort Hiraumi

Amakumo Fruit locations near For Hiraumi in Genshin Impact

Koseki Village in Genshin Impact has three Amakumo fruits that you can access quickly through the Teleport Waypoint. After collecting them, use the Northern Teleport Waypoint near Fort Hiraumi and head south to get three more fruits.

Lastly, go to the small island located east of Fort Hiraumi to get three more Amakumo Fruits.

Amakumo Peak

Amakumo Fruit locations around Amakumo Peak in Genshin Impact

Amakumo Peak in Genshin Impact has an abundance of Amakumo Fruits which is evident from the image above. The interiors and exteriors of the peak are filled with these fruits and within 15-20 minutes, you should be able to get over 80 of them.

Do note that some of the Teleport Waypoints in the image aren’t on land. Instead, they’re on levitating rocks that can be accessed through a quest in the game. However, this should not hinder your farming process.

Seirai Island’s southeastern edge

Amakumo Fruit locations in Seirai Island

The small mini-island located southeast of Seirai Island has three Amakumo Fruits. They grow quite close to each other so collecting them shouldn’t be a hassle.

No NPCs sell Amakumo Fruits in Genshin Impact, so make sure to collect every fruit on the map if you want to ascend Raiden Shogun quickly.

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Well, this was everything to know about Amakumo Fruits that help you build Raiden Shogun. If you like building characters in Genshin Impact, make sure to check out our build guides for Zhongli, Ayato, Chongyun, Dendro Traveler, and Kokomi.

Image Credits: HoYoverse