Genshin Impact Philanemo Mushroom locations: Mona and Klee ascension guide

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Mona and Klee with Genshin Impact's Philanemo Mushrooms

Five-star Genshin Impact characters like Mona and Klee require Philanemo Mushrooms for ascension. Here are all the Philanemo Mushroom locations in Genshin Impact for you to ascend your favorite characters.

Genshin Impact characters are basically useless unless players ascend them, provide them with great weapons and artifacts, and level up their talents. Mona, Klee, and Barbara are no exceptions as players must collect Philanemo Mushrooms to ascend them.

Philanemo Mushrooms are unique plants because, unlike almost every other ascension item, they are largely found on walls and roofs of buildings. This means that you’ll have to go away from the greenery and explore urban areas and cities to find them.

Here’s every location where you can find Philanemo Mushrooms in Genshin Impact.

Hu Tao, a Genshin Impact character that you unlock with wishes

Where to find Philanemo Mushrooms in Genshin Impact

Philanemo Mushrooms are local specialties of Mondstadt implying that it’s the only region where you can find them in Genshin Impact. There are three major locations in Mondstadt where you can collect them.

Mondstadt City

There are over 20 Philanemo Mushrooms in Mondstadt City. There are two Teleport Waypoints in the region and we recommend using the one towards the west. It is located on the top of a monument and will allow you to easily glide toward the rooftops and walls.

However, rely on the central waypoint to collect the Philanemo Mushrooms located near the eastern edge of the city.

Philanemo Mushroom locations in Mondstadt city


Springvale is a suburban area located south of Mondstadt City, and you can find over 15 Philanemo Mushrooms there.

Ideally, you should teleport to the waypoint near Springvale and start farming the mushrooms on one side of the path. Thereafter, go to the other side and collect the remaining mushrooms.

Philanemo Mushroom locations in Springvale

Dawn Winery

Dawn Winery is another Mondstadt area with buildings and as a result, you can find Philanemo Mushrooms here. There are three buildings and seven mushrooms are evenly scattered around them.

You can either teleport to the waypoint near Wolvendom and walk towards Dawn Winery or use the Statue of the Seven located north of the winery.

Philanemo Mushroom locations in Dawn Winery

Phileanemo Mushrooms respawn every two days in the game and you can plan your farming routine accordingly.

Where to buy Philanemo Mushrooms in Genshin Impact?

A Genshin Impact NPC named Chloris sells five Philanemo Mushrooms for 1000 Mora. Her stock refreshes every three days, and you can find her roaming a path near Mondstadt’s Windrise.

Chloris’ location has been marked in the image below:

Location of Chloris NPC in Mondstadt

This was everything to know about Philanemo Mushrooms in Genshin Impact. For similar content, check out how to get more wishes and Primogems, the best Claymores, and what is Elemental Mastery.

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