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Where to find Treasure Hoarders in Genshin Impact

If you want to farm Treasure Hoarder Insignias in Genshin Impact for character-building, here’s a guide on where to find Treasure Hoarders.



Treasure horaders in Genshin Impact with their Insignias

Treasure Hoarders drop Treasure Hoarder Insignias in Genshin Impact which is a valuable resource for character building. Here’s a guide to finding Treasure Hoarders in Genshin Impact and farming Treasure Hoarder Insignias.

Several Genshin Impact characters such as Bennett, Kazuha, and Heizou require Treasure Hoarder Insignias for ascension and leveling up talents. Moreover, eighteen weapons require them for ascension.

Treasure Hoarders, a type of common enemies, drop these Insignias in Genshin Impact when defeated and players can find them all around Teyvat. However, the open world is quite massive, and roaming around aimlessly is not the most efficient way to farm materials.

Here’s how to find Treasure Hoarders in Genshin Impact.

How to find Treasure Hoarders in Genshin Impact with Adventurer Handbook

Genshin Impact players can find Treasure Hoarders through the Adventurer Handbook. The feature is unlocked in the game when you complete the Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild quest.

You can access the Adventurer Handbook by clicking on the book icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Visual guide to access Adventurer Handbook in Genshin Impact

Then, head to Enemies and choose the enemy difficulty level to Easy. Scroll down and you’ll find Treasure Hoarders.

Adventurer Handbook displaying Treasure Hoarders

The Adventurer Handbook will now mark Treasure Hoarders on the map. When you defeat the marked ones, the book will reveal a new location and this continues till you touch the daily limit.

When the Adventurer Handbook stops showing you new spawn points for Treasure Hoarders, you can still go out and find the enemies yourself.

Best locations to find Treasure Hoarders in Genshin Impact

Treasure Hoarders are commonly found in Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, and The Chasm. Mondstadt has the least amount of Treasure Hoarders while The Chasm region has an abundance of these enemies.

Treasure Hoarders in Mondstadt

You will find Treasure Hoarders in Mondstadt only near the edge of Dragonspine. Don’t waste your time finding them in Windwail Highland, Brightcrown Canyon, Starfell Valley, and other regions.

The exact locations of the Treasure Hoarders in Mondstadt have been marked in the image below:

Treasure Hoarder locations in Mondstadt

Treasure Hoarders in Liyue

You’ll mainly find Treasure Hoarders in Mt. Aozang and Luhua Pool regions of Liyue. Some enemy groups spawn near Teleport Waypoints, and you can hunt them easily as well.

The exact locations have been marked in the image below:

Treasure Hoarder locations in Liyue

Treasure Hoarders in Inazuma

Inazuma comprises several islands, and you can find Treasure Hoarders in Narukami, Kannazuka, Yashiori, and Seirai.

Treasure Hoarders only spawn near the shore of Narukami Island:

Treasure Hoarder locations in Narukami island

The Seirai island is further distributed into small islands, and you can find Treasure Hoarders near most of the Teleport Waypoints.

Treasure Hoarder locations in Seirai island

You can start farming for Treasure Hoarder Insignias from the northernmost Teleport Waypoint in the Kannazuka island and head south. Yet again, the enemies will primarily spawn near the shore:

Treasure Hoarder locations in Yashiori and Kannazuka islands

The Yashiori island is an exception. As showcased above, more Treasure Hoarders are located in the forest land and not the shore.

The Chasm

The Chasm is one of the newest regions in Genshin Impact and it makes perfect sense for Treasure Hoarders to settle there. In the inhabited caves, you’ll find a ton of Treasure Hoarders, and the sandy region is marked with brown color on the map.

Moreover, Treasure Hoarders spawn on the border of Liyue and The Chasm and the area west of Liyue Harbor.

Treasure Hoarder locations in The Chasm and Liyue

You’ll be able to find hundreds of Treasure Hoarders in Genshin Impact with this guide. The game has several terrifying enemies, and to be fair, Treasure Hoarders are harmless once you build your characters properly.

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Image Credits: miHoYo