Football Manager 2024 skins: How to install & change layout

Player taking a corner, and players celebrating in Football Manager 2024Sports Interactive

Football Manager 2024 has a ton of gameplay elements to keep track of and the vanilla interface isn’t exactly the best for this purpose. This is where FM24 skins come in handy so here’s how to install and use them.

Football Manager 2024 is another edition of the classic FM experience players are familiar with but a few new features added to the mix. The latest offering from Sports Interactive comes with tweaks to set pieces and an updated database among other things.

The core gameplay remains as frantic and engaging as ever as players are tasked with juggling different aspects of managing a club. This involves switching between tabs and menus to view information and make changes. But it’s always better to have access to as much information as possible.

Skins help with exactly that and can even provide a bit of freshness when required. So here’s how to install and use Football Manager 2024 skins.

Football Manager 2024 skins explained

Tactics menu in FM24Sports Interactive
Football Manager 2024 skins change the appearance of the game’s interface.

FM24 skins bring visual changes to the game’s interface. The changes vary from different color palettes and themes to comprehensive overhauls that provide additional information across menus.

Beyond gameplay reasons, skins are also useful for switching up the interface’s aesthetic. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for players who’ve stuck with the vanilla interface for long saves. For this and other reasons, it’s worth investing in a skin and finding the look that’s right for you.

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FM24 skins: How to install and use

FM24 skins can be downloaded from websites such as FMScout and FMInside. You can also head to Sports Interactive’s Community Forums and download skins uploaded by other players. It’s important to note that skins are not available for the console version of the game.

After downloading a skin you like, make sure to install archiving software such as WinRAR on your PC. Once that’s done, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2024 > Skins folder, which is usually located inside Documents.
  2. Extract the downloaded file into the Skins folder using WinRAR or other archiving software.
  3. Launch FM24 and select Preferences in the main menu.
  4. You’ll spot an option named Skin located in the Interface section of the menu.
  5. Simply select your skin by clicking on the option.

That was how to install and use Football Manager 2024 skins. For more FM24, check out our other guides:

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