Football Manager 2024 players thrilled with set pieces effectiveness: “It feels like an exploit”

Franco Diaz
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The new features of Football Manager 2024 are being very well received by the community. However, none of them stand out as much as the revamped set pieces creator and its incredible effectiveness in every match.

The full release of Football Manager 2024 is getting closer, and players can’t wait to start their new careers as the manager of their favorite teams. However, players who pre-ordered FM24 on PC have been enjoying early access since mid-October 2023, which gives them a first look at all the new features introduced by Sports Interactive.

Among the standout features in this edition is the fresh match engine with more realistic player movements and match situations. However, the one getting all the attention is the revamped set pieces creator.

This feature allows managers to design set-piece plays, choosing where their players should position themselves to get advantages. This revamped set piece creator is becoming what could be the first major Football Manager 2024 meta, as players themselves can’t believe how effective it is. Some of them “feel like an exploit” as their CBs are “scoring every single match.”

FM24 players are thrilled with the incredible improvement introduced in plays where the set piece creator is involved. In previous editions, several players “absolutely hated set-piece plays,” going so far as to ignore them and play with default settings.

Many players have noted that after configuring set-pieces correctly, their teams, and primarily their defenders, have become a significant source of goals, “scoring more than 20 goals from corners per season.”

However, not all players are familiar with the set pieces creator, claiming that they struggle to score from set piece plays. Some Managers have given them some tips, such as making sure to train routines during the week.

However, if you want to know how to score and defend corners in FM24, we recommend taking a look at our guide or who the best defenders are in Football Manager 2024.

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