Will Metaphor: ReFantazio feature romance options?

Joaquín Frere
Metaphor: ReFantazio main character.

Atlus and the Persona development team are gearing up for their next big RPG release, Metaphor: ReFantazio and the developers have confirmed whether the new game will have romance options.

The new RPG from the Persona development team, published by Atlus/Sega, is called Metaphor: ReFantazio, and during an official fan Q&A, the devs shared tons of new details.

With a lot of new features coming in Atlus’ new game, some others remain, which fans will recall from the Persona series. Some of those features are relationship-building and romance, and here’s whether Metaphor: ReFantazio will feature them.

Metaphor: ReFantazio – Will it feature romance?

No, Metaphor: ReFantazio will not feature any kind of romance options like the Persona series of games. The developers confirmed this during an official Q&A livestream, where they answered fans’ questions. This was translated and confirmed by the Persona Central X account:

When asked about any kind of “Social Links” involved in Metaphor: ReFantazio’s gameplay, the developers stated: “By deepening friendships with those you meet on your journey, some of them will become supporters (i.e. followers). Sensing the heroic feelings within them, those manifest through the Archetypes.”

This statement means that the game will feature a relationship system between its main characters, but they will not be of the romantic type.

And that is all we know about romance in Metaphor: ReFantazio! For more on Atlus’ games, check out the some of our Persona 3 Reload content:

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