Blue Archive leveling guide: How to level up fast

Aakrit Sharma
How to level up fast in Blue Archive

Leveling up fast has many advantages in Blue Archive and here’s a guide that includes the best methods to quickly gain EXP and increase your in-game level.

Despite completion from other gacha games like Gacha Life, Genshin Impact, Epic Seven, and others, Blue Archive has been a massive hit on mobile devices. Like other titles in the genre, its biggest highlight is the diverse set of characters that you can get through a gacha system.

Moreover, Blue Archive allows you to become a part of an intriguing story. However, to enjoy the game to the fullest, it is important for players to level up and unlock all content that is locked behind level thresholds.

On that note, here’s a guide to leveling up quickly in Blue Archive.

Campaign mode in Blue Archive

How to level up fast in Blue Archive

Blue Archive campaign

Hop into the Mission section in Blue Archive and you’ll find a ton of challenges that grant EXP and other skill-boosting items. Based on your performance, you can gain a maximum of three stars for each mission and to level up fast, we recommend getting three stars in as many stages as possible.

This is because once you’ve 3-starred a stage, you can use the Sweep feature to instantly get rewards and XP. This is arguably the best way to save time and increase your level instantly.

The rewards you obtain from these stages also help in leveling up characters and improving their stats such as HP, ATK, Def, and Healing.

Unlock all game modes

Blue Archive has a ton of PvP and PvE game modes and you can unlock them while clearing campaign challenges. Here’s how it works:

  • Complete stage 1-4 – Commissions
  • Complete stage 2-1 – Cafe
  • Complete stage 2-3 – Lessons
  • Complete stage 3-1 – Bounties
  • Complete stage 3-2 – Crafting
  • Complete stage 4-1 – Unlocks Total Assault, a Raid Mode
  • Complete stage 6-1 – Unlocks Tactical Assault, a PvP Mode

Out of these game modes, we suggest grinding Commissions. Defeating bosses in the mode will hand out a ton of EXP and help you level up quickly.

Commissions in Blue Archive


The Cafe in Blue Archive might not hand out EXP directly, but it provides you with many advantages related to leveling up characters and getting to know them better. When you clear certain Campaign stages, you get Cafe Equipment Cores that are useful for leveling up the Cafe itself.

Increasing the Cafe rank lets you invite more characters and interact with them. This not only increases your bond with the characters but also grants passive resources like Gold and AP.

Last but not least, focus on Crafting as much furniture as possible once you unlock it. This will make the visitors more comfortable and you’ll be able to improve your bond more efficiently.

While the mechanics mentioned above grant the highest amount of XP in Blue Archive, you can always complete your Daily Missions and other in-game content to gain it as well.

Blue Archive characters hanging out in Cafe

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