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Blue Archive character tier list: Best attackers, healers, supports, and tanks

Check out this tier list of the best characters in Blue Archive including the most powerful attackers, tanks, and supports.



Four Blue Archive characters

Although Blue Archive is popular for its story, combat is an equally important aspect of the game. If you’re confused about which characters to use, check out this Blue Archive tier list that mentions the best attackers, healers, supports, and tank units that you must use.

Gone are the days when Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy were the only dominant anime-style games out there. In 2022, the likes of Genshin Impact, Blue Archive, and Tower of Fantasy have significantly added to the popularity of the genre.

Blue Archive is a mobile gacha game where your progress in the story is related to the strength of your characters. Hence, it becomes really important to use the best characters available and spend the resources on them wisely.

Every character in Blue Archive has a unique playstyle which is why team building can be overwhelming for even veterans. Here’s a tier list of the best characters in Blue Archive to help you make the strongest team.

Three characters in Blue Archive sitting on a bench

Best characters in Blue Archive

There are three types of characters in Blue Archive depending on their utility – Attackers, Tanks, and Supporters and Healers. To function properly, a team will require the best units from all three categories.

Dealing damage without any defense is as ineffective as only defending without any attack. Accordingly, we’ve made separate rankings for each character class in Blue Archive.

Best attackers in Blue Archive

Best attackers in Blue Archive

Attackers in Blue Archive only have one job and that is to deal damage. They lack support/healing abilities and generally, their defense stats are also low.

Hence, we recommend putting attackers in the back or the middle of your attack. This allows attackers to avoid taking damage and eventually, they’ll have more time to hurt their opponents.

Here are the best attackers in Blue Archive:

Tier Characters
SSwimsuit Shirasu Azusa, Izayoi Nonomi, Rikuhachima Aru, Shiromi Iori, Renkawa Cherino, Swimsuit Sorasaki Hina, Swimsuit Shizuyama Mashiro, Kakudate Karin
AShimoe Koharu, Nekozuka Hibiki, Ihara Yoshimi, Shizuyama Mashiro, Yakushi Saya,
Renkawa Cherino (Hot Springs), Aris, Shirasu Azusa, Sunohara Shun, Waraku Chise, Sunaookami Shiroko, Mutsuki (New Year), Bunny Girl Kakudate Karin, Casual Yakushi Saya, Sorasaki Hina, Riding Sunaookami Shiroko, Aru (New Year), Saiba Midori, Tendou Alice, Asagi Mutsuki, Young Shunohara Shun
BSaki, Moe, Wakamo, Kuromi Serika, Shiroishi Utaha, Serika (New Year), Swimsuit Nonomi, Swimsuit Izuna, Asahina Pina, Swimsuit Kensaki Tsurugi, Hanaoka Yuzu, Akashi Junko, Wanibuchi Akari
CSunaookami Shiroko, Kazusa, Saori, Shishidou Izumi, Hanekawa Hasumi, Ichinose Asuna, Nikamu Nero, Konuri Maki

Best tanks in Blue Archive

Best tanks in Blue Archive

Tanks in Blue Archive stand out because of their exceptionally high defense. Their job, accordingly, is to lead the attack and consume incoming damage. With this, they indirectly save the attackers and healers and let them fulfill their roles more comfortably.

Here’s a tier list of the best tanks in Blue Archive:

Tier Characters
SBunny Girl Mikamu Neru and Kasuga Tsubaki
ATakanashi Hoshino, Hayase Yuuka, and Marina
BAtsuko, Yutori Natsu, Igusa Haruka
CIzumimoto Eimi

Best supporters and healers in Blue Archive

Best support characters and healers in Blue Archive

As the names suggest, supporters and healers stay in the back and help other characters with status buffs and healing. They don’t have the best damage and attack but without them, the best characters in the game cannot sustain for long.

These are the best supporters and healers in Blue Archive:

Tier Characters
SWashimi Serina (Healer), Amau Ako, Hoshino (Swimsuit), Mizuha Mimori, Iroha
AShimoe Koharu (Healer), Otose Kotama, Bunny Girl Ichinose Asuna, Asagao Hanae (Healer), Omagari Hare
BHatsune Miku, Aikiyo Fuuka (Healer), Okusora Ayana, Hinomia Chinatsu (Healer), Hiyori, Swimsuit Ayane, Swimsuit Shizuko, Ui, Murokasa Akane, Aijitani Hifumi (Tactical Support)
CSwimsuit Shishidou Izumi, Nakatsukasa Kirino, Endo Shimiko, Iochi Mari, Kowa Shizuko, Onikata Kayoko, Morizuki Suzumi, Kowa Shizuko, Amani Nodoka, Nodoka (Hotspring), Toyomi Kotori, Urawa Hanako (Healer), Ushimaki Juri, 

From this list, it is evident that in-game rarity is not the best aspect to judge characters in Blue Archive. Even common characters can compete with the rarest ones if used correctly.

This was everything to know about the best characters in Blue Archive. For more content on mobile games, check out Cookie Run Kingdom tier list of the best Treasures and Cookies, best decks in Clash Royale, and best Claymores in Genshin Impact.

Image Credits: Nexon