All factions in Men of War 2: Strengths, weaknesses & best units

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Men Of War 2 USA units

Men of War 2 has three factions to pick from, and here’s all you need to know about the best ones to start your WW2 campaign.

Men of War 2 is a real-time strategy game with great attention to detail and complex mechanics, a completely immersive WW2 experience that any enthusiast of the RTS genre would love. This game has three different factions, with unique units to choose from.

So, here’s every faction in Men Of War 2, with details on their strong points, their weaknesses, and their unit characteristics.

USSR faction in Men Of War 2

The USSR faction in Men Of War 2 has the best Artillery of all three factions, which by itself makes it the strongest at long-range assaults.

On the other hand, their ground vehicles, tanks, and troops are overall subpar compared to the other factions, so that’s their main weakness.

Their Infantry troops also display lesser dynamics and abilities than the rest of the factions, and this means that you’ll struggle to gain ground when pushing to capture territories.

Russian Artillery in Men Of War 2
Russian Artillery in Men Of War 2 is far superior than in the rest of the factions.

Artillery from the USSR faction can burrow, fortify, and camouflage. USSR Artillery costs significantly less CP than most of the other units of the same type and has higher fire rates than other heavy guns. That means they’ll fire first, and that is what matters most to destroy enemy Armored Vehicle advances.

With access to the best Armor Piercing Rounds, the USSR Artillery can melt away most Armored Vehicles, and also blast away troops garrisoned in buildings.

Support units in the USSR faction are a little less mobile than those of the Germany and USA factions, but they are considerably more resilient.

And though USSR footsoldiers are poorly equipped to resist other factions’ assaults, they can dig trenches, fortify positions, and they can scavenge for equipment from fallen soldiers. Just make sure that you don’t get caught by enemy reinforcements if you send Infantry to scavenge.

Best Men Of War 2 Units in the USSR faction

In Men Of War 2, the NKVD Special Forces and the IS-3 Heavy Tank are the best units in the USSR faction.

The NKVD Special Forces are Infantry units with close, mid, and long-range weapon expertise, capable of conducting surveillance and scouting, with the highest rate of stealth detection of all units in the game.

The IS-3 Heavy Tank is a moving fortress, equipped with the best armor, and anti-tank weapons of all USSR Armored Vehicles, capable of destroying fortifications, Infantry, tanks, and basically everything.

Germany faction in Men Of War 2

The Germany faction in Men Of War 2 has one of the fastest units in the game: The BMW R-12 Motorized Infantry, which allows them to push to gain ground faster than all other factions.

On the other hand, their vehicles have weaker hulls and overall defenses compared to the rest of the factions, so they’re easier to pierce and destroy.

German tanks are sitting ducks once their hull is pierced since this immediately kills the pilot, so they’re one good Artillery shot from being destroyed.

Germany Armored Vehicles in Men Of War 2
Germany has access to plenty of Armored Vehicles, but they are lighter in armor than the rest.

With their main weakness being the inferior survivability of their Armored Vehicle units, the Germany faction can conduct powerful pincer attacks while their Infantry gains ground fast, to blast away the enemy. But watch out for Artillery, as it will wreck your tank crews from afar.

Their Support units are the best, capable of fortifying, replenishing ammo, repairing vehicles, and doing almost everything other Support units do, but faster and better.

The best strategy is to send Motorized Infantry first, which can avoid mortar fire and clear out Infantry advance units. Then strike from the sides with tanks and other Armored Vehicles to complete the assault.

Best Men Of War 2 Units in the Germany faction

The best Units to unlock in the Men Of War 2 Germany faction tech tree are the BMW R-12 Motorized Infantry, and the Jagdpanzer IV.

The BMW R-12 Motorized Infantry is a powerful advance unit mounted on motorbikes, equipped with a suppressing fire Machine Gun, mostly superior to any Infantry units in both mobility and stealth detection, but are vulnerable to long-range Artillery attacks.

The Jagdpanzer IV is the strongest Armored Vehicle in the Germany faction, with incredibly powerful guns, this heavy tank is equipped to destroy most of the units on the frontlines, and is especially powerful against AA and Artillery emplacements.

USA faction in Men Of War 2

The USA faction might be the weakest of the three in terms of vehicle defenses, Artillery, and overall army composition, but they compensate for it by having incredible Infantry mechanics.

All their troops are highly trained, have plenty of abilities and equipment, and are tremendously versatile. Capable of penetrating defenses, destroying both Artillery and Armored Vehicles, and sniping from afar thanks to their rifles, the USA Infantry is far superior to the rest of the factions.

USA Infantry and Support units Men Of War 2
The USA Infantry units are the best: Versatile, lethal at any range, and capable of advanced tactics.

The main con of this faction is that they have a higher cost of unit deployment in all three echelons, and that means you’ll have fewer possibilities to replenish the field with reinforcements if your troops get overwhelmed.

While gaining ground, USA faction soldiers can quickly scavenge for supplies on the field, scout for enemy reinforcements and snipe while being undetected, dig trenches faster, fortify faster, have better overall melee combat, and also, access to faster and more lethal throwing knives.

Support units of the USA faction can also replenish ammo faster and will re-supply as they move if you order them to gather ammo from enemy fallen soldiers.

Best Men Of War 2 Units in the USA faction

The best Men Of War 2 technologies/troops you can unlock within the USA faction are the M4A4 Medium Tank Unit and the Devils Paratroopers.

The M4A4 is a medium tank that has great overall stats and powerful anti-armor weapons, excels at speed and survivability, and also has pretty good camouflage abilities. It also thrives when fighting Infantry and has a suppressing fire SMG.

Meanwhile, the Devils Paratroopers are Infantry infiltrator units that fall from the sky and act like commando troopers, pushing behind enemy lines to disrupt reinforcements. They have the highest survivability ratio among Infantry troops but are vulnerable to AA guns, so watch out for Artillery emplacements before you deploy them.

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