Best basketball games for iPhone & iPad (iOS) in 2023

Aakrit Sharma
Basketball Arena and NBA 2K on a mobile screen

Basketball is one of the biggest sports in the world and there are many games based on it. Here’s a list of the best basketball games that you can download on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad in 2023.

Over the years, sports games have gained a lot of prominence among mobile gamers due to their realistic mechanics and graphics. They let you not only enjoy the sport in a new way but also play as your favorite players and replicate their accomplishments virtually.

If you’re a fan of basketball, you’ll be able to find a ton of basketball games for mobile devices on the Apple App Store. While some games have superior graphics, others have engaging mechanics and game modes. As a result, picking a game that best suits your interests can be a difficult task.

On that note, we’ve compiled a list of the best Basketball games for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPad.

Best mobile basketball games for iPhone & iPad in 2023

Basketball Stars

LeBron James cartoon dunking in Basketball Stars

Fans of dribbling and 1v1 Basketball duels must try out Basketball Stars on their iPhone or iPad. The realistic 3D graphics will instantly gain your attention and there are many skills to master such as dribbling, feinting, shooting, stealing, and blocking.

There’s a career mode in Basketball Stars that grants exciting rewards but you can hop on to the online game modes for the best action. With over 400 cosmetic options and 60 basketball skins, it’s unlikely you’ll ever run out of style in this game.

Do note that Basketball Stars is mainly focused on 1v1 gameplay. If you like team-play, the games mentioned below might be better for you.

NBA All-World

Open World in NBA All-World

Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, released NBA All-World in 2023 for mobile including iPhones and iPads. You can explore your surroundings and engage in 1v1 battles against NBA stars unlocked and upgraded by other players.

Winning battles will help you unlock better gear that boosts your performance. There’s an Energy system and improving your character’s stats is as important as learning new skills.

Overall, NBA World has come up with a unique way to bring basketball fans together. With a few updates, we believe that the gameplay will become more polished, and players will be able to try out new game modes.

NBA Live Mobile Basketball

Giannis on NBA Live Mobile cover

NBA Live Mobile shifts the momentum from 1v1 Basketball action to team-building and 3v3 tournaments. The developers frequently release events and as an active player, you’ll have enough opportunities to earn resources and unlock your favorite NBA stars.

NBA Live Mobile is the perfect depiction of the NBA and its biggest stars. Thanks to the official license by the association, all players have real names and look authentic. There’s a plethora of game modes to keep you intrigued, and the controls are surprisingly smooth for a basketball game.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball game

NBA Stars on the cover art for NBA 2K Mobile

NBA 2K Mobile on iOS is a premium experience by 2K that offers tournaments, drills, team-building, console-quality graphics, and outstanding gear.

The wildly popular title features the biggest basketball icons in history and you can collect as well as upgrade their cards. You can now attach mentors to buff these players and build a strong team.

NBA 2K lets you take part in well-developed 5v5 matches that require the highest amount of skills and presence of mind. The MyPlayer feature that encourages you to make your own NBA Star is another highlight of this title.

From the abundance of content to consistent events, there are many reasons why NBA 2K Mobile is the go-to basketball game for millions of basketball fans worldwide.

Hoop World

Hoop World's gameplay

Hoop World is a flip-and-dunk game that you can master with just one finger. You’ll go on an epic adventure through different portals and the goal is to jump and dunk everywhere.

Hoop World has simple controls that you must learn to cross obstacles such as trampolines, rooftops, slides, and more. Try to unlock all the portals and hoop without falling and breaking your neck.

Hoop World sets itself apart from all games on this list because it supports exploration. It combines action RPGs with basketball and offers something unique.

Basketball Arena

Basketball player and mascot on the cover of Basketball Arena

Basketball Arena is one of the most action-packed basketball games for iOS players. It grants superpowers to players that work like a charm on the court. You advance in your career by winning real-time games and gaining supporters. With resources, you can upgrade the courts and get even better rewards.

Basketball Arena supports micro-transactions but at the end of the day, improving your skills and superpowers is the only way to victory. With new players, you can craft a strong team and take part in tournaments to earn the best rewards.

Mini Basketball

Team building screen in Mini Basketball

Mini Basketball is one of those basketball games that keep on getting better as you play them. You can unlock players that belong to different rarities such as Common and Epic. After making a team, you can also customize it with logos, jerseys, mascots, cheerleaders, and dunks.

Mini Basketball is perfect for casual gamers because of its simple yet entertaining controls. The game rewards you for progress as the arenas and rewards at higher levels are too good to miss out on.

Reaching the All-Stars League in Mini Basketball should be every player’s goal. To do so, you’ll have to win against real opponents in tournaments and climb up the leaderboards.

These are the best basketball games that you can try out as an iOS user on an iPhone or iPad. For similar content, check out the best offline mobile games, CSR Racing 2 tuning guide, and the best Electro Giant decks in Clash Royale.

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