All Sakura Bloom locations in Genshin Impact

Ayato and Ayaka with Sakura Blooms in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse

Sakura Bloom holds significant value for ascending two of Genshin Impact’s most formidable characters: Akaya and Ayato. In this guide, you will find out the precise locations of all Sakura Blooms within the game and how you can get this important ascension material.

Ascension materials are spread all over Teyvat and Genshin Impact players can collect them to significantly improve their characters‘ combat abilities, HP, and other stats. One such ascension material is the Sakura Bloom flower which is primarily found on the Narukami Island of Inazuma.

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Ayaka, a five-star Cryo Sword user, and her brother Ayato, a five-star Hydro Sword user, require Sakura Bloom for ascension and anyone who owns these characters must farm the flower.

In this Genshin Impact guide, we’ll reveal all Sakura Bloom locations on the Narukami Island of Inazuma.

Inazuma city in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
You will able to collect Sakura Bloom all over Narukami Island in Genshin Impact.

How to collect Sakura Bloom in Genshin Impact

Sakura Bloom plants float as purple petals in the Genshin Impact open world. In order to collect them, you must trigger the petals with an Electro attack or walk past them with Electro energy (when infected by Electrograna).

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Hence, to collect Sakura Bloom most efficiently, we recommend including a character like Lisa in your team who can constantly hit Electro attacks.

Now that you know how to collect Sakura Bloom in the game, let’s jump to the best locations to get it.

Best locations to get Sakura Bloom in Genshin Impact

Grand Narukami Shrine

Sakura Bloom locations in Grand Narukami ShrineHoYoverse
Narukami Shrine is the area with the most Sakura Bloom spots.

The Grand Narukami Shrine has an abundance of Sakura Bloom in Genshin Impact and you can start farming them around the shrine itself. Using the Teleport Waypoint near it will definitely make things easier.

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After that, complete the Sakura Cleansing Ritual World Quest to unlock the Grand Narukami Shrine depths. Teleport to the Waypoint and go underneath the shrine to access the locations marked in the image above.

After you’re done with the underground area, teleport again and head south to collect the Sakura Bloom spread around Mt. Yougou.

The next step is to reach the shrine again and go east towards the Kamisato Estate. On the way, you’ll find many Sakura Bloom marked in the image above. Two Sakura Bloom plants are near the estate itself and one is on the beach above it.

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Sakura Bloom locations in Araumi regionHoYoverse
You’ll also spot some Sakura Bloom in the Araumi area in Genshin Impact.

The northern edge of Narukami Island in Genshin Impact, Araumi, has several Sakura Bloom plants. You can teleport to the northernmost Teleport Waypoint and the Domain in the region and head further north to collect them all.

You can find all nine Sakura Bloom locations marked in the image above.

Konda Village, Chinju Forest, and Byakko Plain

Sakura Blooms in Konda Village of Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Near Konda Village, there are some Sakura Blooms to collect.

The area between Konda Village and Byakko Plain in Genshin Impact has three Sakura Bloom plants. You can collect them easily, thanks to the two Teleport Waypoints in the region.

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Next up, you should visit the Chinju Forest which contains seven more Sakura Bloom plants. There’s a Teleport Waypoint near the stream to help you reach the plants easily.

Inazuma City

Sakura Blooms in Inazuma City of Genshin ImpactHoYoverse

For the final four Sakura Bloom plants, head to Inazuma City in Genshin Impact and you’ll find three plants surrounding the Teleport Waypoint.

The last Sakura Bloom plant is on the deserted island located northeast of the Kamisato Estate.

You can find the exact locations of these plants in the image above as well.

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With this guide, you should be able to collect all the Sakura Bloom plants in Genshin Impact. For similar content, make sure to check out our farming guides for Sango Pearl, Lotus Head, Philanemo Mushrooms, Valberry, Dandelion Seeds, and Apples.

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