All Payday 3 characters: Every playable heister & their story

Payday 3 characters posterStarbreeze Studios

Payday 3 offers several playable characters, each with a unique personality. If you’re wondering how many playable characters are in Payday 3, and if there will be more characters introduced with future updates, here’s all you need to know.

Payday 3 is here and players can pick a heister from various fun characters available in the game. While making money fast is essential in Payday 3, a good crew can enable you to loot and finish a heist effectively.

Over 20 different playable characters, representing a variety of genders, personalities, and nationalities, are available in Payday 2. Some characters have carried over from Payday 2 into Payday 3, and players can access two new characters in this year’s title as well.

With that said, here’s every playable character in Payday 3, along with their background stories.

All playable characters in Payday 3

There are six heisters available in Payday 3, after its full release. Here are all the playable characters in Payday 3:


Chains in Payday franchiseStarbreeze Studios
Chains is addicted to adrenaline and loves to start fights.
  • Name: Nicolas
  • Age: 37 in Payday 2
  • Nationality: American
  • Voice actor: Howard Thompson

Chains, also known as Nicolas, is a military veteran with the highest combat experience among other members of the Payday crew. He was booted from the U.S. Navy after serving for 10 years and now offers his acquired combat skills as a mercenary.


Dallas in Payday franchiseStarbreeze Studios
Dallas united the Payday crew and is the mastermind behind all heists.
  • Name: Nathan Steele
  • Age: 44 in Payday 2
  • Nationality: American
  • Voice actor: Simon Kerr

Dallas is a former Chicago mob member, who assembled the Payday crew and organized the First World Bank heist. He started as a bouncer and quickly climbed the ranks until he became a hitman. Dallas’s American flag heist mask is one of the most iconic masks in the Payday franchise.

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Hoxton in Payday franchiseStarbreeze Studios
Hoxton loves to gamble after completing a heist in Payday.
  • Name: James ‘Jim’ Hoxworth
  • Age: 32 in Payday 2
  • Nationality: British
  • Voice actor: Pete Gold

Hoxton is one of the youngest Payday crew members. Despite coming from a wealthy family in England, Hoxton chose a life of crime and started associating with the gangs from Hoxton, a district in East London. Following his arrest along with the British gang, he got the Hoxton nickname.


Joy in Payday 3Starbreeze Studios
Joy can breach sophisticated security systems easily in Payday 3.
  • Name: Joy (presumably the real name)
  • Age: 22 in Payday 2
  • Nationality: Japanese-American
  • Voice actor: Siu-See Hung

Joy is the youngest member of the Payday 3 crew. She’s a skilled hacker and has been a cybercriminal since her early teenage years. Although Joy doesn’t have much combat experience, she can breach the toughest of security systems with ease.


Pearl poster for Payday 3Starbreeze Studios
Pearl is the latest character to join the crew in Payday 3.

Pearl is the new addition to the Payday crew, and there’s a lot left to be discovered about her. She’s an expert con artist, who runs scams on the rich and famous, capable of infiltrating big organizations. We’ll add more details about Pearl here, as we discover them.


Wolf poster for PaydayStarbreeze Studios
Wolf is one of the most popular playable characters in the Payday franchise.
  • Name: Ulf
  • Age: 34 in Payday 2
  • Nationality: Swedish
  • Voice actor: Nicklas Berglund in Payday 3

Wolf has always been the wildcard in the Payday crew, displaying unpredictable emotions time and again. While Wolf was a law-abiding citizen till the age of 32, his life took a turn for the worse during the Great Recession. As he took out multiple loans and buried himself in debt, seeing no other choice, he snapped and took up a life of crime.

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Will new playable characters be added in Payday 3?

While Payday 3 is available with six characters at the time of release, more playable characters may be introduced in future updates. Payday 2 players had access to only four heisters after its launch, however, 18 characters made their way into the game with DLC and content updates.

It’s also possible that players can see more Payday 2 playable characters introduced in Payday 3 somewhere down the line.

That’s everything you need to know about the playable characters in Payday 3. For more on Payday 3, you can check out the following:

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