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Apex Legends dev confirms more Rampart buffs for Season 8

Respawn provided massive buffs to Rampart’s abilities in Apex Legends Season 8, and one dev explained that they plan to keep improving her.



Rampart Apex Legends

Rampart’s pick-rate in Apex Legends has significantly increased in Season 8 due to the buffs that Respawn granted her, and it seems that she has a few more upgrades coming her way.

Introduced in Season 6, Rampart is a legend that is extremely proficient with heavy weaponry. She is able to place down cover that amplifies projectiles and blocks enemy attacks. Despite this, she struggles in terms of popularity among Apex Legends fans.

This is because her abilities only work if the battle is contained within her hold. This makes her less ideal for the battle royale’s fast-paced combat. Respawn took notice of Rampart’s low pick-rate and buffed her kit in Season 8.

These changes have proved successful, and the developers have confirmed that they still have a few more upgrades planned for the Legend.

Rampart in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment found Rampart “at the bottom” of their performance metrics, so it’s understandable why they decided to introduce some improvements to her. Their focus was on giving her walls some reactive power in the midst of hectic combat.

They’ve buffed both her Sheila angle and Amped cover health, which has ensured that the Legend is no longer at a disadvantage during a match. This has boosted her pick-rate in this season more than ever before, and the devs plan to give her even more buffs later.

“She’s not quite in the healthy range yet (especially not in pick rate, and history has taught us that when pick rate goes up, win rate does down) and we’re talking about more stuff to do for her,” said lead game designer Daniel Klein on Reddit.

Respawn are pleased with the results of the buffs that they’ve provided to her kit. They’ve also made some changes to the Spitfire and provided Rampart with gold mags, which grant her faster reloads while boosting the power of her passive.

The devs will probably not touch her Amped Cover ability since they want to avoid making her overpowered. Instead, they’ll focus their attention on other aspects of the Legend, in the hopes of making her relevant in the Apex Legends meta.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment