Insane Apex Legends glitch causes player to switch characters after respawning

apex legends mirage fist bumping

Apex Legends isn’t a stranger to bugs, and although the developers are great at communicating with the community and fixing issues, one player has encountered a bug with character selection.

Although a recent update for Apex Legends fixed some bugs and issues players had been experiencing during Season 10, a few new glitches and exploits have been floating around and gaining attention, like the instant care package drop.

As well as this, players have also been reporting a Legend change mid-game when being respawned from a drop-ship, something that is obviously not supposed to be happening.

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Bloodhound Apex Legends

Usually, in Apex Legends, players chose their character before the game starts, giving players the freedom of choice. Every season brings a new Legend to the game, and with Apex Legends now in Season 10, the selection of characters to choose from is vast and varied.

Players, of course, have their favorites, so the option to pick is very important. Although NICKMERCS had some words to say about the selection system, overall, the game provides players with enough time to select their choice before a game.

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However, what if the game gave you no choice and you were involuntarily chosen a character upon spawning into the game. Well, a new glitch in Apex Legends is causing exactly that mid-game when players are respawned.

Apex Legends glitch causing characters to switch mid-game

apex legends mirage

Reddit user and Apex Legends player Mrpineapplehead559 reported the issue with a video showing off the bug, asking if it had happened to anyone else: “I changed from mirage to bloodhound mid game??? Has this happened to anyone else?”

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The glitch caused the player to turn from Mirage to Bloodhound, with others in the comments also stating they have had similar experiences: “Same thing happened to me. I was Valkyrie, died, got rezzed as gibby soon after. My teammates and I were just wtf.”

This glitch isn’t great for those who really enjoy playing a certain character or are even trying to complete challenges with a particular character. This kind of glitch can really ruin someone’s game, especially just after being respawned back into the map.

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This is obviously something that isn’t supposed to be happening, and hopefully, the developers can work on a fix as soon as possible. For more on Apex Legends, check out our article on the best settings for controller.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment