The Terminator could be heading to Fortnite Season 5

Andrew Highton
terminator in fortnite

The list of famous names and figures continues in Fortnite Season 5 as The Terminator appears to be the next star attraction for Epic Games.

Fortnite Season 5 has become inundated with a tremendous amount of star power in recent weeks. A litany of gaming and Hollywood icons such as Kratos, Master Chief, Predator, and The Mandalorian are just some of the game’s newest characters.

The season of the Bounty Hunter isn’t stopping here though as a new portal is hinting at another blockbuster name. The infamous Terminator – made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger – seems set to make an impact.

terminator 2 fortnite

Fortnite Season 5 The Terminator

It was a big deal when The Predator recently turned up in the battle royale game and provided players with access to his Cloak Device.

Now, having a world-renowned Terminator set foot on the shores of Fortnite’s map feels gigantic.

The new video reveals a portal and shows a glimpse of the environment inside. Thanks to the cunning nature of the internet, people were able to quickly decipher the location.

The portal shows an inside shot of one of the buildings from the original Terminator film. Hypex II’s YouTube channel has posted the video to their channel and it’s available for those wanting to see it for themselves.

We can only speculate as to which version of The Terminator we will see. It could be Arnie’s evil Terminator, Robert Patrick’s T-1000, or even Kristanna Loken’s female Terminator.

In terms of cool weapons and back-bling, we can probably expect to see the famous Endoskeleton skull on our back and some other cool stuff from the films.

With the imminent arrival of The Terminator, it leaves us with a few questions. Who else are we going to see in Fortnite Season 5? We already know that Lara Croft could be coming to Fortnite as well.

Will Epic extend this season to allow for more recognizable names to appear? Only time will tell.

Image credits: Epic Games