SypherPK tries out hilarious pay-to-win Fortnite skin trick

Breakpoint skin in Fortnite

Fortnite streamer SypherPK tried out a neat little trick in his latest video, which involved using the Breakpoint skin to camouflage himself, and completely bamboozle his opponents.

Epic Games love introducing new skins to the world of Fortnite, as Season 5 has seen crossovers from massive franchises like. Back in Season 9 of Chapter 1, they added a set of cosmetics which included a Signal Jammer, challenges, and the Breakpoint skin.

This skin has a cool futuristic look to it, with glowing blue eyes, arms, and feet which make it look like a hologram. It also has an added effect where glowing blue digital particles will begin running up your character’s leg.

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Now, Fortnite streamer SypherPK used a new trick with the Breakpoint Skin to camouflage himself during a match.

Fortnite Breakpoint Skin

In his latest video, the content creator jumped into a match in the battle royale with Breakpoint skin equipped, and then made his way to the Mandalorian’s Hideout in the Star Wars Kit’s Cantina. There, he searched around until he found a hologram.

SypherPK then stood within the hologram and started emoting. After a bit of effort, he was able to sync his movements with it, and this instantly confused any opposing players who visited the area.

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At one point, he was able to get a shot at his opponent before reverting to his camouflage, and the enemy was none the wiser. The skin’s bright glowing colors helped the content creator blend in perfectly, and all he had to do was wait for his next victim to run by him.

This brilliant tactic was first discovered by the TikTok user korc1e, and it’s one that other players will frequently replicate during Fortnite matches. However, this means that fans will eventually start catching on, and it will become far less efficient than it is now.

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That said, SypherPK still had a blast watching this tactic work multiple times in two different games of the battle royale. “If you guys thought the trick worked well in the first game, wait until the second game,” he wrote. “I can’t believe how well this works.”

Epic Games have been facing some trouble with Fortnite’s cosmetics recently, as the customizable black and white superhero skin has been titled “pay-to-win” skin because of players using it to camouflage themselves similarly to this trick.

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This issue persisted even after the devs nerfed the skin, so they pulled it from the game temporarily. It’s unlikely that the Breakpoint Skin will face the same fate, however, so be sure to try this trick out for yourself!

Image Credits: Epic Games / SypherPK