Insane Fortnite XP glitch gives 300,000 XP in seconds

Nathan Warby
Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 characters

Leveling up the Fortnite Battle Pass can take hours of grinding and completing challenges, but this handy glitch can unlock 300,000 XP in the blink of an eye.

Each new Fortnite Battle Pass comes crammed with exciting new skins to unlock and Chapter 3 Season 4 is no different. ‘Paradise‘ offers a host of colorful cosmetics to work towards the Brie Larson Paradigm skin and Marvel’s Spider-Gwen.

To unlock the higher tier rewards, players will play through dozens of matches and complete weekly Quests to earn as much XP as possible in order to climb up the Battle Pass.

This can take hours upon hours of gameplay, especially if you’re looking to reach level 100. But with this insane glitch, players can earn a whopping 300,000 XP in no time at all.

While most players take to the standard battle royale playlists to earn XP, there are a handful of Creative Modes that can help you level up. One of these Creative maps offers a huge amount of experience points for doing very little.

The Fortnite XP glitch map, discovered by ElatedVoidGaming, can be accessed with the right Creative Code, and gives players a number of XP buttons to find. Each of these dishes out enough points to climb up a few steps on the Battle Pass.

It may be confusing to begin with, as each button is invisible until you get close enough for the prompt to pop up.

We’ve put a step-by-guide on how to complete the Fortnite XP glitch below:

How to complete Fortnite 300,000 XP glitch

  1. Head over to the Island Code tab and put in the code 8325-6431-7479.
  2. Enter the map and wait 10 minutes before doing anything.
  3. Head to the cabinet and interact with the secret button to unlock more XP buttons.
  4. Walk along the edge of the map looking upwards to find each button.
  5. Head back into the room with the cabinet, and interact with the sixth bookcase from the left.

Each button you interact with hands out XP gradually over a few seconds. If you manage to hit every single button, you’ll walk away with around 308,520 XP toward your Battle Pass progress.

It’s worth noting that this is a glitch discovered by the community rather a map made by Epic. The devs will likely patch this exploit fairly soon, so you’ll have to act fast if you want to try it for yourself.

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Image credit: Epic Games

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