How to visit Fortnite NBA Creative Hub

Visit Fortnite NBA Creative Hub

The Fortnite and NBA Crossover event is now available for players to jump into and enjoy, and one of the event’s challenges tasks players to visit the Fortnite NBA Creative Hub.

Basketball fans have plenty to be excited about in the world of Fortnite, thanks to the Crossover event that is now taking place in the fan-favorite game in collaboration with the NBA.

In addition to being able to acquire skins for all 30 of the association’s teams, players can also complete various challenges to earn rewards.

One of these challenges is to visit the Fortnite NBA Creative Hub, and we have everything you need to know to complete this Crossover event challenge covered for you.

Fortnite NBA Creative Hub

How to Visit Fortnite NBA Creative Hub

All that you need to do to complete this challenge is head to the Creative section of the game through the in-game menu. Once you are in the Creative section, you will find the Fortnite NBA Creative Hub advertising all of the action that it is delivering to the popular game during the Crossover event.

Unfortunately, some players have been having trouble regarding the completion of this challenge and others, as the game was not registering their completion when they made a visit to this area.

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The official Fortnite Status Twitter account posted an announcement that it had resolved the majority of these issues preventing players from being able to complete these particular challenges, but that they are still looking into reports of players unable to complete them and will provide an update soon.

Players who visit the Fortnite NBA Creative Hub will be rewarded with 50,000 XP, so it is definitely worth your time to quickly jump into the Creative section of the game and visit this new area to get some easy XP for your time.

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Image Credits: Epic Games

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