How to see footsteps in Fortnite

Amitesh Dhar
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In Fortnite, audio and visual cues like footsteps can often help you get a jump on your opponents while you’re trying to survive. So, here’s how you can see footsteps in the game.

Audio cues are a major aspect of Fortnite, as not only can you hear chests and various other in-game sounds, but you can also listen out for enemy footsteps which provides you with intel on their position.

If you aren’t able to hear footsteps in Fortnite, there is a setting that allows you to see them. So, here’s how to see footsteps in Fortnite.

How to turn on Visual sound effects in Fortnite

You need to turn on the “Visualise sound effects” option if you want to see footsteps in Fortnite. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Navigate to the settings menu. The icon is represented as a cog wheel with three lines.
  3. On the settings page, head to the “Audio” tab with the loudspeaker icon.
  4. Under the Audio tab, keep scrolling down till you come across the option “Visualise sound effects.”
  5. Enable this, save your settings, and head back to the lobby.

Once this is enabled, whenever you head into a match, you’ll notice footsteps around your character. The orientation of the footsteps in Fortnite will tell you the direction from which the enemy is approaching.

Footstep audio cues options
You can enable footsteps under the Audio settings.

For example, if there’s a footstep icon on top of your character, they’re either in front of you or on the floor above you (when you’re inside a building with multiple floors).

Gunfire and approaching vehicles are also displayed in a similar fashion but have different icons. Here’s a list of visual indicators that you will come across in Fortnite:

  • Footsteps – Another player is nearby
  • Orange Explosions – Gunshots or explosions are happening nearby.
  • Gold Chest – There’s a chest or a safe that can be looted, nearby.
  • Car – A vehicle is approaching you.
  • Train – The train on the Island is close.
  • Glider – A player is landing close to you.

That’s everything you need to know about the visual footsteps in Fortnite. For more information about the game, be sure to check out the following links:

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