How to get Spider-Man Zero Outfit in Fortnite: Item Shop release date

Liam Mackay
spider-man zero outfit in fortnite chapter 3 season 3

Spider-Man joined Fortnite’s incredible roster of comic book characters in Chapter 3 Season 1, and a brand-new Spidey outfit arrives with the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comic. Here’s how to get your hands on the new Spider-Man Zero Outfit in Fortnite.

After teaming up with DC Comics to launch Fortnite/Batman: Zero Point comic, Epic Games have now launched Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War, a five-part comic book series including characters from both Fortnite and the Marvel universe.

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Having already arrived in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, Spider-Man appears alongside Wolverine, Iron Man, and Fortnite characters to hold off the Imagined Order and hunt down the Zero Shard.

As part of this collaboration, Epic Games have released a brand-new Spider-Man skin. Here’s how to get the Spider-Man Zero Outfit through Marvel Comics and the Item Shop.

fortnite spider-man zero outfit

How to get Spider-Man Zero Outfit in Fortnite

Spider-Man’s Zero Outfit can be unlocked through the Item Shop or by purchasing a physical copy of the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero Point comic and using the code found inside. Plus, starting on September 8, if you’re a Marvel Unlimited subscriber and have read all five issues on Marvel Unlimited before October 28, you’ll be emailed a code with all six items.

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Here’s everything you need to do to claim the Spider-Man Zero Outfit:

  1. Purchase Fortnite x Marvel: Zero Point
  2. Find the Spider-Man Zero Outfit redemption code inside
  3. Head to
  4. Log in if you haven’t already
  5. Enter the code and hit ‘Redeem’
  6. Launch Fortnite and the Spider-Man Zero Outfit will be in your Locker

Epic Games have clarified that the blog incorrectly stated that the Marvel Comics digital version would contain a code. If you purchased the digital version hoping to get a code, you can reach out to Marvel Customer Support and they’ll help you secure the cosmetics.

There will be even more cosmetics arriving with future issues, such as an Iron Man-based Wrap, Wolverine-based Pickaxe, Loading Screen, and Spray.

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fortnite x marvel zero war issue 1

When does Spider-Man Zero arrive in Fortnite’s Item Shop?

Epic Games confirmed that the Spider-Man Zero Outfit will arrive in Fortnite’s Item Shop at a later date, and popular leaker Shiina revealed that the skin will hit the Item Shop on Thursday, June 16, and will include a new emote and Pickaxe.

There’s no confirmation on the price yet, but Epic revealed that it’ll be purchasable with V-Bucks alongside the upcoming Wolverine and Iron Man cosmetics. However, the Loading Screen and Spray will be comic-exclusive, so they’ll never be available in the Item Shop.

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Image Credit: Epic Games / Marvel

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