How to get Covert Cavern keycard in Fortnite: Vault location

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Fortnite covert canyon vault door

Covert Cavern is a brand-new Fortnite POI that arrived in Chapter 3’s 19.20 update, but you’ll need a keycard to access the Vault inside. Here’s how to get the keycard, and where to find the vault.

Epic Games are doing everything they can to keep Fortnite fresh and interesting in Chapter 3, with February 1’s 19.20 update bringing even more content to the game. This update brought back the Heavy Shotgun, introduced unlockable masks for Haven, and added a brand-new POI – Covert Cavern.

This new POI includes a secret vault that’s full of high-tier loot, so here’s where to find it and how to get the keycard to open it.

Covert Cavern vault location

Fortnite Covert Canyon vault location

The Covert Cavern POI and its vault are located between Logjam Lumberyard and Camp Cuddle, where the river goes underneath the mountain.

The vault is inside the base itself, where you’ll need to head towards the main structure inside. You’ll reach some steel shutters that are halfway down, so go underneath the shutters, through the door, and you’ll find the vault at the bottom of the stairs.

Luckily, the keycard you use to open the vault will mark the door on your HUD and give you directions towards it.

How to get Fortnite Covert Cavern keycard

Fortnite Covert Cavern keycard

You can get your hands on Fortnite’s Covert Cavern keycard by defeating the Gunnar NPC inside, who’ll drop it after he’s defeated.

Here’s everything you need to do to get the keycard and open the vault:

  1. Land in the Covert Cavern POI
  2. Head inside the base until you find Gunnar
  3. Fight and defeat Gunnar
  4. Pick up the Legendary Covert Cavern keycard
  5. Follow the directional arrows to the vault
  6. Use the keycard at the terminal
  7. Collect all the high-tier loot inside

Opening the vault isn’t too difficult, but be wary of other players lurking around Covert Cavern, as the area will be especially busy during the first few days after the update.

How to defeat Gunnar in Fortnite

Gunnar NPC in Fortnite

Gunnar is a powerful foe, so we recommend keeping your distance and using cover so he doesn’t deal too much damage to you.

Just keep your distance and either build or use some natural cover so you can keep taking potshots at him. Just aim for the head, and he should go down fairly quickly. Then, you can pick up his Mythic Stinger SMG and use the keycard he drops to access the vault.

What’s inside the Covert Cavern vault in Fortnite?

Inside Covert Canyon vault in Fortnite

You can find a ton of high-tier loot inside the Covert Cavern vault, including ground loot, Ammo Crates, Supply Drops, and IO Chests.

IO Chests are needed to complete certain challenges, so there’s all the more reason to enter the Covert Cavern vault.

And that’s everything you need to know about Fortnite’s new Covert Cavern vault and keycard!

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Image Credit: Epic Games

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