Fortnite Cerberus Snapshot quest: Windmill with a view of Styx location

Aakrit Sharma
Cerebrus in Fortnite

A new set of Cerberus Snapshots quests in Fortnite are here and the challenge related to finding the windmill with a view of the Styx has confused many. Here’s the location of the windmill with a view and how to dig up the artifact.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is well underway, and new quests related to Cerberus’ artifact have dropped to help you gain XP and level up the Battle Pass for exciting skins and other rewards.

While most Snapshot quests are very straightforward, some require you to rack your brain and visit rather secluded locations on the map. One such quest belongs to the Cerberus Snapshots series in which he claims, “Did I leave it under the windmill with a view of the Styx?”

Your goal is to find this windmill and dig up the artifact, so here’s how to do it in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2.

Where to find windmill with a view of Styx in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

The windmill with a view of Styx in Fortnite is located northeast of Grim Gate. Cross the river flowing near the POI and reach the location marked in the image below:

Location of the windmill with a view of the Styx in Fortnite
You’ll get 10,000 XP for finding the windmill and 10,000 XP more to dig up the item.

At the marked location, you’ll find a red windmill and an old house and as soon you enter the premises, stage 3 of Cerberus’ Snapshot quests will be complete with him claiming, “Oh yeah, this is definitely right!!”

This will also unlock the fourth stage of the questline which we recommend completing there and then. The artifact is buried right beside the rock in front of the windmill and you can spot it easily due to its white glowing light.

Hit the glowing light once to collect the item which Cerberus claims to be his stick, and not the artifact you’re actually after. Doing all this should also help you unlock the next stage of the questline that revolves around finding the true artifact.

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