How to get Avatar Waterbending Mythic in Fortnite

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Waterbending is the newest Myhtic that has arrived in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 after the hotfix. Here’s how you can get the Avatar Waterbending Myhtic in Fortnite.

Fortnite‘s Avatar crossover is well underway as the new Waterbending Mythic is now up for grabs in Chapter 5 Season 2. However, the fun doesn’t stop just there as players can also take part in several quests and get a bunch of cosmetic rewards for themselves with the Battle Pass.

On that note, here’s how to get the Avatar Waterbending Mythic in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2.

Fortnite: How to get Avatar Waterbending Mythic

You can get the Waterbending Mythic in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 by simply going through various chests and other loot carriers such as — supply drones and drops, enemy loot, Olympus chests, and Underworld chests.

You do not need to complete any specific quest or fulfill any requirements in order to get the Waterbending Mythic in Fortnite so do not worry about that. However, keep your eyes open while traversing the lands as you can find some rolling around on the ground as well.

Waterbending Mythic Fortnite
You can pick up the Waterbending Mythic from the ground or from various chests.

Waterbending Mythic abilities in Fortnite

The Waterbending Mythic is quite useful in Fortnite as you can not only use it for offensive purposes but can also heal yourself whenever necessary. Keep it in your inventory, and whenever you are submerged in water, it will restore your HP back to 100 gradually.

Additionally, you can use the Mythic to hurl sharp icy projectiles at your opponents, that will deal 22 damage each, and can shoot up to 30 projectiles until you will need to manually reload. However, you can start swimming in water once again as your ammo replenishes too.

This was everything you had to know about getting the Waterbending Mythic in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2. For more on the game, check out our other guides:

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