All Elemental Avatar Mythics in Fortnite: Abilities & locations

Amitesh Dhar
Fortnite Avatar Mythics

Fortnite and Avatar’s The Last Airbender collaboration continues to grow with the addition of new Elemental Mythics, so here’s a list of all the Avatar-themed Bending abilities that you can come across in the battle royale title.

As part of the Avatar The Last Airbender crossover in Chapter 5 Season 2, Fortnite added the full roster of Elemental Mythics in Fortnite, allowing players to use the Element Bending abilities in the free-to-play title.

So, here’s a list of all the Avatar Elemental Mythics in Fortnite, including their locations.

All Avatar Elemental Mythics in Fortnite

Aside from the Waterbending Mythic added on April 2, Fortnite added the Airbending, Earthbending, and Firebending Elemental Mythics on April 12, which players can come across in the game.

Here are all the Fortnite Avatar Elemental Mythics and their abilities, as stated in-game:

  • Waterbending: Hurl sharp projectiles at opponents and heal passively in the water
  • Earthbending: Summon chunks of earth to hurl at foes or use them to create defensive barriers
  • Firebending: Produce flames to launch arcs of fire towards foes, or slam down from above in a fiery explosion
  • Airbending: Harness the air around you to enhance your mobility. Use “air wheel” to traverse great distances, or “air jump” to launch yourself and nearby players into the air

All Fortnite Avatar Elemental Mythic locations

All Fortnite Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending, and Airbending Avatar Elemental Mythics can be found as floor loot, in chests, or in the new Elemental Shrines across the map.

Here are the Avatar Elemental Shrines locations in the map:

Fortnite Avatar Elemental Bending Mythic locations
These locations will ensure you a Fortnite Avatar Elemental Bending Mythic.

All in all, that’s everything you need to know about Fortnite’s Avatar Elemental Mythics. For more on the game, be sure to check out the following guides:

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