Fortnite Earthbending trick is shooting players into the air

Stephanie Zucarelli
Fortnite x Avatar collab, Toph

Airbending Mythic might be dominating Fortnite, but Earthbending has some curious effects that can give an unexpected advantage.

While the Fortnite x Avatar crossover is almost over, there’s still some time to push the limits with everything that powers like Earthbending can do. This mythic doesn’t only allow players to throw huge boulders at enemies and create rock walls, but players discovered it can be used to build “instant ramps.”

Players explained that this mainly happens with dirt bikes, although some managed to cast an entire car before landing not-so-gracefully. But for those who experimented with bikes, they had to simple switch their weapon to Earthbending, and right-click to create a rock wall.

This would create a ramp that propels every dirtbike into the air, where players can start scoring flips or shoot at their enemies before landing safely. While these jumps aren’t as powerful as ripping through entire buildings, which is why Earthbending was initially vaulted in Fortnite after its release, this trick can help players get some advantage over their enemies.

Users also suggested that players using the “instant ramp” can try shooting Earthbending’s rock projectiles before landing, although it can be tricky to get the timing right with the weapon’s cooldown. Nevertheless, players will need a ranged gun and full shield before trying to skip through the air, since they will become more visible targets for those stuck on the ground.

If you’re wondering where to get the Earthbending mythic, you can head to the Elemental Shrines and even try to complete some of the Fortnite Avatar Elements Quests.