How to disable pre-edits with new Fortnite feature

Nicholas Sakadelis

Epic Games has finally added in the option to disable pre-edits, a long-awaited feature from the Fortnite community.

Pre-edits have been a hot topic of debate amongst the Fortnite community since release. Many have hailed it to be a useless feature, becoming an annoying obstacle in combat.

Finally, Epic have listened to the community by adding a feature to disable this edit option.

What is “pre-editing?”

Pre-editing is the process of editing a structure before you place it on the ground. This used to be useful for players on controller who wanted better access to ramps in the Combat Pro era, but has seen a sharp decline in use and is now just an annoying feature that can be accidentally activated.

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Accidently activating a pre-edit can be a frustrating experience, and can even result in lost build battles if you make a big enough mistake.

There are still some niche uses for pre-edits, like the one below, but they get in the way more often than not.

How to turn off pre-edits

To disable this feature, you’ll have to go to the settings tab in-game, then scroll down to the “building” section. Here, you’ll find the option to toggle the setting off.

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Fortnite, disable pre-edits in settings menu

That’s it! You no longer have to worry about pre-edits getting in the way of your game sessions. You can always toggle this option back on later if you want to do something specific with your structures.

You can read about all of the newest fixes that dropped with the pre-edit toggle here.

Image Credits: FortniteIntel, Epic Games