How to complete Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 Quests

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Fortnite Week 5 Quests

Fortnite Season 7 has brand-new weekly challenges for you to complete so that you can earn a ton of bonus XP from the Week 5 quests. Here are all the challenges, as well as full guides on how to complete them.

Fortnite Season 7’s Battle Star system lets you choose which items from the Battle Pass you want to purchase. If you want to unlock cool skins like Rick Sanchez, you’ll want to earn as much XP as possible.

There are some brand-new Epic and Legendary Quests to earn a ton of XP each week. Last week’s challenges tasked you with finding infecting animals and destroying hiding places. Week 5 has different objectives to complete.

Here’s every challenge in Season 7, Week 5, with full guides on how to complete them.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 Epic Quests

Corny Complex POI Fortnite Season 7

Fortnite’s Week 5 Quests have now arrived, offering you a ton of XP for completing both the Epic and Legendary Quests.

Here’s the full list of Epic Quests for Week 5 of Fortnite Season 7:

  • Destroy Computer Equipment at Satellite Stations or Corny Complex (3) – 30,000 XP
  • Damage IO Guards (250) – 30,000 XP
  • Eliminate Trespassers (2) – 30,000 XP
  • Deal Damage with IO or Alien Weapons (500) – 30,000 XP
  • Loot Supply Drops (2) – 30,000 XP
  • Damage a Saucer with a Pilot Inside (800) – 30,000 XP
  • Open an IO Chest at a Satellite Station or Corny Complex (1) – 30,000 XP

To kickstart Fortnite Season 7’s fifth week, you can complete these Epic Quests. These are all quite simple and can be completed passively as you play Season 7. Many of these focus on causing damage and destruction.

Fortnite Week 5 Quests

The task to destroy Computer Equipment is similar to one of the Week 2 Quests which required you to destroy equipment at Satellite Stations. You can check out how to complete this week’s task in our guide.

IO guards returned to Fortnite, and they play a big role in this week’s challenges. You’ll need to deal damage to them and then use their weapons to dish out pain. To complete this quest, you can visit their spawn locations.

Trespassers will be piloting UFOs in invaded locations on the Island. Once you damage a Saucer with the Pilot still inside, you’ll be able to eliminate them and complete two quests at once. Keep an eye out for Supply Drops to loot while you’re at it.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 Legendary Quests

Fortnite Week 5 Quests

Here’s the full list of Fortnite Chapter 2’s Season 7 Week 5 Legendary Quests:

  • Get Slone’s Orders from a Payphone (1) – 15,000 XP
  • Interact with a CB Radio (1) – 15,000 XP
  • Place Welcome Gifts in Holly Hatchery (2) – 30,000 XP
  • Deploy Alien Nanites (1) – 30,000 XP
  • Dance Near Zyg and Choppy (1) – 30,000 XP
  • Get Infected by an Alien Parasite and Talk to Sunny (1) – 30,000 XP

You won’t need to search around the whole map to find a CB radio to use, as they can be found in different parts of both Retail Row and Believer Beach. You can check out their exact locations in our guide.

Fortnite Week 5 Quests

Slone will give you orders once you visit a Payphone location. Zyg and Choppy can be found in the lower levels of an office building at the Hydro 16 Dam. Dance in front of them to complete this task, but be careful. Choppy isn’t as friendly as it seems.

Alien Nanites arrived in the battle royale as part of the 17.20 update. You can learn more about finding and deploying them in our guide. We also have a separate article for finding Alien Parasites to infect you. Sunny’s location on the map is in our NPCs guide.

There are multiple spots where you can place Welcome Gifts in Holly Hatchery, but you only need two to complete this challenge. That covers all the Legendary Quests! You’ll get a whopping 165,000 XP for completing all of the stages.

Image Credit: Epic Games

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