How to collect Fortnite access card from IO Guards in Season 7

Hamza Khalid
Fortnite access card

Fortnite Season 7 has brand-new Quests for you to complete in Week 8, and here’s how you can quickly complete the Legendary Quest that has you collect an access card from IO Guards.

Each new week of Fortnite brings a ton of Legendary and Epic Quests that you can complete to earn some neat XP and Battle Stars as you progress through the Season 7 Battle Pass.

With the arrival of the 17.21 update, we’re now in Week 8, and one of the new Legendary Quests tasks you with collecting an access card from IO Guards. We’ll make this challenge a bit easier.

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Where to get a Fortnite access card from IO Guards

Fortnite IO Guard Access Card

The IO is an organization that first appeared in Fortnite Season 5 but was then removed for Season 6. Now, Season 7 has brought these enemies back, and you’ll need to kill one to get the card.

There are a total of 10 different IO Guards spawn points around the map, and you can check all these locations in our IO Guards locations guide. However, we recommend visiting Corny Complex to get the Fortnite access card.

There are various IO Guards in the house, barn, and underground bunker. You can also loot some weapons and shield potions from the surrounding area.

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Fortnite IO guards access card location

If you want to access the underground bunker, you can either use the stairs in the barn or use the porta-potty located inside the house. You can then take on the IO Guard in combat to get a Fortnite access card.

Once you’ve killed one, they will drop a Fortnite access card for you to collect. You can pick it up to complete the Legendary Quest and earn a whopping 45,000 XP.

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