Fortnite Season 5: All leaked skins and cosmetics

Liam Mackay
Fortnite Season 5 hunters

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has begun, bringing an all-new Battle Pass and Item Shop skins. Data miners have discovered the skins and cosmetics you’ll unlock as you progress.

After the Galactus event concluded, fans awaited the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2’s fifth season. Now it has finally begun, players can begin completing the Beskar Quest to upgrade the Mandalorian’s armor and unlock Baby Yoda as a pet.

While Epic Games prepared Fortnite for Season 5, leakers were also hard at work scouring the game files for upcoming cosmetics. They discovered what would be in the Battle Pass and Item Shop early, but now everyone can see that for themselves.

However, we can’t see all of the different variants and upcoming cosmetics.

All leaked cosmetics

Popular leaker HypeX has revealed some of the variants for the Battle Pass characters you’ll unlock, as well as some upcoming cosmetics that will be in the Item Shop.

There will be several variants for each of the new skins, such as a large mustache for Mancake which is sure to be popular. Players will also be able to equip reactive hair and tails for Mave.

Each of the Bounty Hunters from the Season 5 Battle Pass will have three extra colors: Sapphire, Topaz, and Zero Point. These give the characters the look of them being made out of precious stone.

As well as variants for the new skins, there will be backblings, gliders, and pickaxes to purchase in the Item Shop.

To help get players in the festive spirit, there are new styles for Christmas skins Codename E.L.F. and Crackshot. Along with these skins come festive backblings such as Fishstick dressed up as an elf.

As well as new skins and cosmetics, there are new weapons and POIs on Fortnite’s map. Keep an eye on Charlie Intel to see everything that’s changed for Season 5.

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