How to unlock Ahsoka Tano Fortnite skin: Full Quest guide & price

Ahsoka Tano in FortniteEpic Games

Fortnite is known for its crossovers, and Chapter 4 Season 4 has delivered yet another collaboration with Star Wars, as Ahsoka Tano makes her debut. Here’s how you can unlock the Ahsoka Tano skin in Fortnite.

The Fortnite 26.20 update has brought fresh content for players in Chapter 4 Season 4 ahead of the Halloween-themed Fortnightmares event.

The new update brings even more Star Wars content to the game, including the return of Lightsabers and Blasters in the battle royale. As well as this, a new character from the Star Wars universe has arrived in Fortnite, as Ahsoka Tano has landed.

For those Star Wars fans who’d like the skin, here’s how to unlock Ahsoka Tano in Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pas skinsEpic Games
Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 adds a ton of new skins.

How to unlock Ahsoka Tano in Fortnite

Players will need to purchase the Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pass and complete the first of a series of Quests to unlock the Ahsoka Tano skin in Fortnite. Here’s the full list of challenges you’ll need to complete to unlock every reward:

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  • Collect Fulcrum Tokens in Relentless Retreat or Breakwater Bay (3)
  • Collect Fulcrum Tokens in Kenjutsu Crossing or Slappy Shores (3)
  • Collect Fulcrum Tokens in Sanguine Suites or Rumble Ruins (3)
  • Gain Shields (1000)
  • Be the First Player to Land, Search a Chest, or Eliminate a Player in a Match
  • Survive Storm Circles while Carrying a Weapon of Legendary Rarity or Higher (5)
  • Damage Opponents with a Melee Weapon (250)
  • Complete a Job from a Job Board (1)
  • Damage Opponents Farther than 20 Meters (1500)

It’s important to note that you must complete these challenges and claim the rewards before the end of Chapter 4 Season 4 on November 2, 2023. If you only want the Ahsoka Tano skin, all you need to do is complete the first challenge.

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The Battle Pass will cost 950 V-Bucks, which can be earned through the free tiers or bought from the store. 1,000 V-Bucks are priced at $7.99 / £6.49, leaving players with 50 to put towards the next Battle Pass or a new cosmetic.

All Fortnite Ahsoka Tano Quest rewards

Here are all of the rewards up for grabs for each of the Ahsoka Tano Quests:

  • Ahsoka Tano skin
  • Morai Back Bling
  • Star Map Wrap
  • LIL’ T-6 Shuttle Emote
  • Fulcrum Ascending Loading Screen
  • Banner Icon
  • Ahsoka’s Staff Pickaxe
  • Ready Rebel Spray
  • Watchful Companion

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