Are Fortnite servers down? Current server status

Nicholas Barth
Fortnite server status iconsEpic Games

Epic Games keeps taking down the Fortnite servers whenever it’s time for them to deploy an important update. While the servers are mostly stable, sometimes certain issues can cause the servers to go down as well. Here’s how you can check the current Fortnite server status.

Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale titles out there, with a ridiculously large player count that broke records thanks to Fortnite OG and countless collaborations.

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With Chapter 5, the Fortnite universe expanded with even more game modes like LEGO Fortnite and Fortnite Festival, offering many ways to play.

There are a lot of reasons that cause the Fortnite servers to go down. These reasons can range from server overload to scheduled downtimes planned by Epic Games. That said, here’s everything that you need to know about the Fortnite server downtime.

Are Fortnite servers down?

The Fortnite servers are currently live. The maintenance period for the Fortnite 28.20 update has ended and you can log back in and enjoy the game.

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles event files have been added to the game, but the event won’t be starting until later this week.

We’ll make sure to update this article with more news about Fortnite servers.

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Why is there a Fortnite queue?

Many Fortnite players have reported seeing a ‘Waiting in Queue’ message when trying to log in, and it’s an error message related to the game servers. This message appears on the initial loading screen, preventing players from entering any of the Fortnite experiences.

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This is fairly common every time Fortnite starts a new season or chapter when servers can’t manage the massive amount of players trying to log in.

Fortnite Summer Escape event in 2023Epic Games
Fortnite events often experience issues due to the amount of players logging in.

How to check if the Fortnite servers are down

You can go to the official Epic Games online service website, which contains an up-to-date server status page for Fortnite and lets the community know when there is an outage.

You can also check the official Fortnite Status Twitter account. This account will post updates on the Fortnite servers being down and fixes Epic Games are applying to solve the problems.

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There’s no doubt that having trouble connecting can be a headache, but these tips above will help keep you in the loop, so you know exactly what is going on when the Fortnite servers go down.

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