Fortnite: Destroy all Nutcracker Statues in Operation Snowdown

Nicholas Sakadelis

Fortnite’s Operation Snowdown update continues with another challenge for players.

As part of the Operation Snowdown event, players get daily challenges to get free cosmetic rewards. Today we’ll be destroying hidden Nutcracker Statues across the map.

The Statues will be scattered around the map in several POI’s, including the Snowmando Outposts that were added recently with the Operation update.

You can see all the SNowmand Outpost locations in the handy map, provided below. Please note that Snowmando Posts do not spawn in every spot in each game of Team Rumble, so you should stick to consistent POI’s first to get these challenges done fast.

The locations for the Nutcrackers are as follows:

  • South of Holly Hedges
  • East of Slurpy Swamp
  • South of Catty Corner ( New Snowmando Post)
  • South of Steamy Stacks (Near the stream)
  • West of Pleasant Park

All of the POI’s will have two or three nutcrackers to break, so be vigilant while hunting all of them down. The best strategy is to land south of Holly Hedges and rotate around the map for the rest of the nutcrackers.

Finding a vehicle will make this process much faster, just make sure to avoid enemies when possible. Ideally, you can drop into a game of Team Rumble to do this challenge fast since you’ll have teammates.

When you finish, you’ll be rewarded with the exclusive and adorable Snowmando back bling. You’ll unlock the accompanying skin after the event on January 5, 2020.

For additional event guides, be sure to stay tuned as more unlock. If you haven’t located all of the Holiday Tree Locations, you can do that by clicking here.